Your Astrological Action Items: A To-Do List To Make the Most of Your Week


On January 8, 2018

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Your Astrological Action Items: A To-Do List To Make the Most of Your Week

You know how some weeks are amazing for you, your partner, and all your friends, while other weeks are struggle city? Blame (or thank!) the planets. While all planets have a unique effect on your Zodiac sign, some powerful planets affect all signs in similar ways. That’s why Mercury retrograde is universally known as a time to hunker down and leave electronics alone, weird stuff always happens during a full moon, and when Venus shifts, expect fireworks in your love life. Here, some major transits to be aware of, as well as ways all star signs can maximize the potential of the planets and have an amazing week. 

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Monday, January 8
Make plans!

Who cares if it’s a Monday? With Venus and the sun sextiling Jupiter in Scorpio, life is all about living in the moment. Expect your boss to let you go a bit early, expect an invitation to happy hour … and expect things to be delayed, which can be annoying if you have a timeline in mind. Lighten up and live in the moment!

Tuesday, January 9
Better Cross Off That To-Do List

Okay, so you stayed out too late last night. But today is the day to make up for it. It’s back to business, and putting your nose to the grindstone will pay off in a major way. With the sun, Venus, and Pluto all in Capricorn, it’s a time to take stock. be serious, stick to your goals, and if you do so, expect magic to happen. Don’t take any shortcuts. Capricorn will cut right through that BS. 

Wednesday, January 10
Let’s Talk About Love
This began building yesterday, but is in full swing today. Yesterday, Venus conjuncted with the sun. This can be magical in terms of partnerships, but can also illuminate some less than ideal habits or practices. Today can be a make up or breakup type of day. It’s a day for grand gestures, including epic fights. Stay on your toes. And listen to yourself. It’s too easy to get swept up in love today. Today is about clarity. Breathe into it. And recognize the potency Venus brings to your life. The planet may bring up ideas or goals you hadn’t yet considered. 

Thursday, January 11
Tell the Truth

When Mercury conjuncts Capricorn,your word means everything. Saying “sure,”when you mean “hell, no” will only come back to bite you. Stand your ground. When you’re unsure of what to say, start with the truth and go from there. It’s okay to say no. Mercury rewards straight shooters. Don’t beat around the bush. 

Friday, January 12 
Make It Official

As Mercury moves into Saturn, it’s time to get things done. Sign a contract, make a move, or say “yes” (a real yes!) to a career opportunity. Yes, it’s the end of the week, but things are moving fast, and finishing up any loose ends on Friday will lead to a blank slate for the week ahead. Once everything is off your to-do list, then you can relax. You’ve earned it! This week could be a tough one, but approaching it clear eyed, with your intuition as a guide, will help all star signs sail through the week ahead.

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