Your 2024 Love, Success, Growth, and Manifestation Horoscopes – Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Ally Lewber

On January 31, 2024

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Your 2024 Love, Success, Growth, and Manifestation Horoscopes – Based on Your Zodiac Sign


We’ve almost made it to February, which means we should be confidently writing “2024” without crossing out “2023.” And although we have already experienced some intense shifts astrologically this year (I’m looking at you Pluto), there are still plenty of other key astrological moments that we can look forward to, get prepared for, and schedule out on our calendars. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to stay ahead of the trend, grab your calendar. Here’s everything you can expect astrologically for personal growth, love, career success, and more! 

The Biggest Astrological Events of 2024

One of the most anticipated cosmic events of 2024 has already taken place, and big changes are shaping up! On January 20th, Pluto entered Aquarius, and though the dwarf planet will be hopping back into Capricorn for a few months this year for one final retrograde, it’s pretty much settled in and will be hanging out in the innovative sign of Aquarius until 2043. As a generational planet sitting on the edge of the solar system, Pluto has the longest orbit and therefore, the largest impact on our society. Pluto exposes the truth and thrives on change, while Aquarius is an exceptionally clever sign that’s concerned with bettering the world and accelerating progress. Pluto in Aquarius will cause major shifts in how we live our daily lives, particularly with concepts like space travel, AI, and equality. This is a very exciting transit, we are entering a new era and though it will indeed take time, we can expect a major shift. 

We also have a Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in the sign of Taurus happening on April 20th, which is a wild card moment! We haven’t seen this conjunction since 2011, so you can look back at that time in your life to get an idea of what type of energy you might be personally dealing with, but expect things to look a little different than they did the last time. Because Uranus is a generational planet, this change could look more worldly than personal, but either way, be prepared for something a bit surprising, and hopefully in the best way possible. Because rebellious Uranus is teaming up with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune, we can expect to feel a surge of new creative and innovative ideas and sudden change. Take advantage of the energy while you can!

Lastly, on May 25th, Jupiter will say goodbye to earth-ruled Taurus and enter Gemini, the sign of storytelling and socializing. When Jupiter enters Gemini, it brings a focus on expanding our knowledge, improving our communication skills, and embracing new ideas and perspectives. This transit can inspire us to seek out new experiences, connect with others on a deeper level, and engage in intellectual pursuits. It is a time of curiosity, learning, and exploration. Meanwhile, Saturn is still hanging out in the sign of Pisces, where it has been since last March and will stay until 2026. This transit is marking a shift in focus towards spirituality and encouraging us to develop a stronger connection to our intuition and inner wisdom. Together, the influence of these mutable planets is asking us to release control and dive deeper into our journey of self-discovery and awareness.

The Most Important Planetary Retrogrades to Know in 2024

In astrology, retrogrades are famous for causing chaos, but there’s another reason these annual events are so popular to talk about. That’s because retrograde periods offer us a chance to slow down and review our current situation from a new angle. Retrograde refers to the apparent backward motion of a planet from our perspective on Earth, meaning the planets aren’t actually spinning backward. This visual illusion influences the energy and expression of whichever planet is involved. During a retrograde period, the themes associated with that planet may be intensified or experienced differently. When a planet retrogrades, we can expect delays and challenges, but that is because we are meant to pause and reflect. It’s important to remember that retrogrades are not inherently negative, while they can present challenges, they are valuable opportunities for growth, introspection, and recalibration. 

Regarding love and communication, be on the lookout for August 4, this is when Mercury retrogrades in the signs of Virgo and Leo. This is a moment to be particularly aware of if you are in a relationship or about to enter one. Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it retrogrades, it is time to make sure we are saying what we truly mean, to prevent any misunderstanding. During this time, communication may feel trickier than usual, especially when the chatty planet leaves Virgo (a sign ruled by Mercury) and moves into passionate and dramatic Leo. So, it’s not necessarily the best time to DTR, but a great time to get serious about what your non-negotiables are and try your best to communicate that. Once we’re in the clear, and Mercury stations direct on August 28th, you can love and flirt as passionately as ever.

This Mercury retrograde season concerns the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and this can bring about a lot of reflection on our career aspirations and what it is that we truly want. We may feel a rush of intensity and desire to throw our 5-year plan out the window in pursuit of something new and exciting. Instead, try journaling and reflecting on the messages you’re receiving, that’s your intuition begging you to pay attention to the things within your career or life that are not working, so you can make them work beautifully. Once Mercury stations direct, act on those insights with a clear vision of what you desire for the future.

The Best New Moons to Manifest Your Dreams in 2024

Manifesting is all the rage right now, and the phases of the moon can enhance our manifesting practice and supercharge your lunar rituals. The new moon phase is the first of the eight lunar phases and marks an effective time for setting intentions and starting new projects as it represents new beginnings and fresh starts. Plant seeds during a new moon so that you can watch positivity and abundance flourish into your life. Each monthly new moon has a unique meaning based on the zodiac sign it is taking place in. And if you’re looking to invite new experiences into your life, these are the most powerful new moons for 2024. 

The new moon in Pisces on March 10th – A Pisces new moon is a particularly potent time for manifesting and setting intentions. Pisces is a water sign associated with intuition, creativity, and spiritual growth. And with dreamy and creative Neptune ruling over this water sign, it’s a perfect time to listen to your subconscious. When the new moon occurs in Pisces, it amplifies these energies and provides an incredibly supportive time to manifest your dreams. 

The new moon in Gemini on June 6th – Gemini is a social and playful sign, so manifesting under this new moon is always a good idea, as we are usually in high vibration. This new moon cycle presents opportunities to commit to personal goals while embracing the curiosity and flexibility this sign is known for! Let your mind and body play with how you could expand your communication-based projects; ask yourself how you could confidently share your ideas with the world, or even what type of topics or fields of study you could learn more about. Jupiter will have also just entered Gemini, on May 25th, so this is exciting and expansive energy to be working with. Dream BIG. 

The new moon in Cancer on July 5th – The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is the planet known for its nurturing ability and sensitivity. When we have a new moon in Cancer, it’s important to set new intentions dealing with topics like healing, spirituality, and home-based projects, and yes, even spending hours on Zillow and vision boarding your dream home counts! Lunar events in the sign of Cancer are sure to bring emotions to the surface, so don’t be afraid to shed a few tears or tap into your raw emotions! This is a new moon that should be enjoyed in a more cozy and intimate setting, preferably by yourself and a four-legged friend.

The Best Full Moons to Practice Self-Care in 2024

If new moons are a time for fresh beginnings, the full moon represents fullness, completion, and heightened awareness. The energy of a full moon is powerful and can be used to release what is no longer serving you–as well as look deeper into your current situation to discover new information. The full moon is the brightest phase in the lunar cycle and shines a light on what is previously unseen or hidden from us. It can be an emotionally demanding time, meaning it’s a great time to practice self-care and nurture yourself. The moon is the mother planet, so when it is at its highest power (full) it’s an extremely valuable time to get honest about the things that you can take and leave behind in your life.

The full moon in Virgo on February 24th – This full moon forms an opposition with the Sun in Pisces, causing tension between our egos and our hearts. Full Moon asks us to find a balance between our emotional well-being and our physical well-being, and look deeper into where we can take care of ourselves more. Use this full moon to tune into your body and your daily routine and make room for new, more satisfying patterns. Try a release ritual, where you write down anything you want to let go of on a piece of paper, then burn the paper (safely, please!) under the full moon, visualizing the release of those negative energies or patterns from your life. 

The full moon in Scorpio on April 23rd – The full moon in Scorpio is a particularly intense and transformative time. Scorpio is a water sign known for its depth and passion. When the full moon occurs in Scorpio, it amplifies these qualities and brings about a loud sense of change. The best way to harness the energy of this full moon is to engage in activities such as therapy, journaling, or meditation–anything that helps you sort through what’s weighing heavy on your heart. These actions can help you release any emotional baggage you’re holding onto. If you need more guidance, try out a deck of tarot cards or pay a visit to a psychic or a reiki healer. Remember, this full moon can be intense, but it is an opportunity for growth and transformation. 

The full moon in Sagittarius on May 23rd – This full moon brings a vibrant energy that is focused on expansion, exploration, and the truth. Sagittarius is a sign that seeks adventure, however, this full moon might have you dive deeper into exploring your personal beliefs and philosophies. Don’t be afraid to question what you think you know and expand your mind! Embrace this fiery sense of freedom and release whatever is holding you back. This full moon is working to get you aligned with your highest purpose. Seek new experiences, step out of your comfort zone, and embrace the unknown.

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