21 Leo Memes: an Ode to the Zodiac’s Most Dramatic Sign

By Stephanie N. Campos

On July 27, 2020

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21 Leo Memes: an Ode to the Zodiac’s Most Dramatic Sign

Before you even mention taking a selfie, they’re already posing. They were always the lead in the high school play. If there’s drama going on at work, they either already know all about it, or, more likely, started it themselves. You can spot their outfits and hair from miles away. And every time they walk past a reflective surface, they got lost in their own eyes. If more than one of these apply, you’ve got yourself a Leo—the zodiac’s royalty.

Leos are a feisty fire sign, and ruler of the zodiac’s fifth house of self-expression, creativity, romance, and drama. Their fire fuels these areas of their lives making them the ultimate drama queen—think: high school cheerleader meets theater nerd.

Leo Traits That Make Them Perfect Meme Targets 

Being incredibly outgoing, Leos also tend to get an over-confident rep. Deep down, a lot of Leos are insecure, which causes them to be attention-seeking, hoping for approval from others constantly. Ask one to tell a story about themselves, and you’ll essentially got an all-access pass to their heart.

Leo is symbolized by the lion, creatures known for being strong, loyal, and dedicated. They’re warm, welcoming, gregarious, and social creatures that love to roam in packs. Each zodiac sign rules an area on the human body, and Leo rules the heart, which makes sense as they’re noted for their kind and generous behavior.

You’ll rarely find a Leo that doesn’t possess some type of creative talent or outlet. And think again if you think you’ll find one with a mundane dating life—they’re notoriously charming.

On the flip side, as natural born leaders (shout out to Simba and Mufasa), Leos don’t shy away from a challenge and can be stubborn and aggressive to no end until their goal is met. Their passion runs deep, as can their anger. But the key to their heart is simple: Tell them they’re beautiful. This sign’s ruling planet is the sun, which offers some insight as to why they often feel that the world revolves around them. They are often seen as self-absorbed, some might even call them egomaniacs, but a Leo at its highest vibration is really interested in deep, self-analysis in order to better themselves.

What more is there really to say? May you know some, may you love some, may you even (best case scenario) be one. (As a Leo stellium, I feel that it’s important that I reveal that yes, I truly am biased.)

Leo Memes That Just Get the Fire Sign

It’s not their fault they’re always right.


Doesn’t take much tbh.


Something isn’t right here.


I literally just did this.


I mean, it technically does, tho


Literally nothing worse.


Light summer reading


Take your time.


Want the tea? They’re serving it up 24/7


Parties > Sleeping


Do you have a mirror in your purse?


Kim is peak Leo culture right here.




Quick selfie on the way to the office like


Wait, can you tell me I’m beautiful again?


They’ll give you the shift off their backs.


Changing the topic in 3, 2, 1


Haters gonna hate.


Praise be. Like always, no matter what.


Posi vibes like


Can’t. Wish I could.


Generosity killed the cat.


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