Why Are Virgos So Judgmental? An Astrologer Answers Your Burning Virgo Questions

By Stephanie N. Campos

On June 26, 2020

In Astrology, Virgo

Why Are Virgos So Judgmental? An Astrologer Answers Your Burning Virgo Questions

That co-worker that makes a brand-new Excel sheet for every meeting? Virgo. That crush you just can’t seem to crack? Virgo. Your friend who goes to the gym every day at 5AM before work? Virgo.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, it’s rare you’d ever encounter a Virgo without an opinion. This meticulous sign is often noted for some of their more difficult and perplexing characteristics.

We’ve rounded up some of the most burning questions about Virgos in hopes of explaining why they are, so, well… difficult.

Why are Virgos so . . . judgmental?

Virgos are by far the most critical sign. They’ll notice if there’s a typo in the subtitles. They’ll notice if you tie your shoes differently. And don’t even think about not listening to their advice. If you don’t execute a plan with perfection, and according to how they’d do it, you won’t find any sympathy. So, what’s really going on beneath the surface here? Virgos are so critical because they are incredibly self-critical. They strive for perfectionism in all aspects of their lives. They are harshest on themselves, and tend to project their insecurities by judging others.

Why are Virgos so . . . smart?

Mercury, the planet that rules our thought process and communication, is Virgo’s ruling planet. If this planet doesn’t scream nerdy, I’m not sure which one does. When you pair the desire for absorbing knowledge with their productivity, you essentially get a 4.0 honor roll student. Virgos are hardworking, productive, and can’t stand laziness. It’s in their nature (cue: perfectionism)—they have an analytical mind that can process even the most difficult of concepts.

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Why are Virgos so . . . distant?

Have you ever tried to date a Virgo? Let me guess: Ice, ice baby! It’s hard to break down a Virgo’s walls. Their systematic thought process often overpowers their emotional responses. Sounds kinda like a robot, right? Honestly, very similar. While you might be busy feeling (ew), a Virgo is planning and overthinking any and every outcome. A virgin is the symbol for Virgo, and while that certainly doesn’t define them, they can be hard to seduce until you’ve won over both their heart and mind.

Why are Virgos . . . attracted to Capricorns?

Emotionally distant Virgos love a good Capricorn—why? Capricorns are known for their need to prioritize work and their status over almost anything else, including love. They’re hardworking (like Virgos), emotionally chilly, and won’t stop climbing the ladder until they reach the top. These two earth signs share many values that don’t overlap with other signs. Virgos and Capricorns speak the same love language. They both can approach situations from an analytical perspective rather than an emotionally charged place.

Why are Virgos so . . . OCD?

In astrology, Virgos are the sixth sign and rule the sixth house in the zodiac wheel. The sixth house represents our daily chores, routines, and systems. Virgos require structure and are incredibly detail-oriented. The way their thought process works is very granular, they take everything into consideration and oftentimes overthink situations. Virgos can rarely stand messes and require tidy and neat living spaces in order to lower their already pretty high anxiety levels. If they were a department store, they’d be the Container Store.


Why are Virgos so . . . stubborn?

It’s very, very simple. They don’t just think… they know they’re right. Back to overthinking—Virgos weigh the pros and cons to every situation and run all possible scenarios through their minds. They seek perfectionism, crave stability, and get lost in details. It’s their dedicated and thorough problem-solving techniques that can cause them to be overly confident and 100% certain that their advice is the best way to proceed.

Why are Virgos so . . . difficult?

It’s hard being perfect, right? Virgos strive to be perfect in every aspect of their lives on a daily, even hourly basis. This level of perfection oftentimes creates intense anxiety in Virgos. If you’ve ever spent time with someone who’s anxious or experiencing a panic attack, you’re already aware of how high tensions can escalate. When Virgos don’t acknowledge this baseline anxiety, or have a coping mechanism in place, it can contribute to confusing and frustrating behaviors. Their detail-oriented nature and self-criticism only ups the ante.

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