The Biggest Money Mistakes Your Zodiac Sign Makes


On July 13, 2021

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The Biggest Money Mistakes Your Zodiac Sign Makes

 Not having enough money isn’t the only kind of personal finance problem that a person can have. Adventurous spending, resource hoarding, and even budgeting to the point of obsession can all have a negative influence on one’s relationship with their finances.

Every sign has their unique hurdles when it comes to money issues. And how each sign views their wealth and what they are doing to maintain it can generate a detrimental mindset towards those finances. But you don’t have to be stuck. You can learn from your money issues and begin to use that information to approach how you interact with your salary, savings, and spending with a balanced attitude. By acknowledging your weaknesses, you’ll be able to approach your issues confidently and bring yourself more happiness and satisfaction, regardless of how much is in your bank account.


Aries never lets a slim wallet hold them back from pursuing adventure. This cavalier attitude towards personal finances can afford them that freedom but it will dig them into a deep hole of personal debt if they aren’t careful. If Aries wants to nurture themselves long term, they have to learn to manage the impulse that encourages them to open credit card account after credit card account and learn how to find intrigue (and stay interested) in the many free gifts life will offer them.


As a skilled and generous provider, Taurus’s money issues will rarely come from not having enough. Gifted at stretching resources, Taurus can hold down the fort and generate abundance even in the midst of an economic collapse. Taurus isn’t without money issues though. They are known to hoard resources even during times of plenty or work too hard even when they already have enough. Taurus typically has a mindset of scarcity and needs to learn how to trust the universe will give them what they need, no matter what.


For Gemini, resisting short-term spending for long-term goals is a challenge, especially when they have a split opinion. This hyper-social sign will end up spending their paycheck at happy hour to hang out with the rest of the office after work but then is disappointed when they can’t afford that vacation they wanted to take. Try an automatic money-saving app. It can help Geminis meet their financial goals before their more carpe diem side shows up to sabotage their savings account.


Cancer gets hung up on the concept of financial security more than any other sign. In an effort to insulate themselves from future calamities, they typically put significant portions of each paycheck into a savings accounts. That sounds all very well and good until they realize they aren’t enjoying the fruits of their labor. Cancer needs to focus less on saving long-term and enjoying short-term goals. You can’t buy the present back, no matter how padded your retirement account may be.

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Leo likes to spend their money on luxury items that are above and beyond what they need. Fine dining, extravagant clothing, luscious gifts to shower their sweetie all put a strain on their pocketbook. Leo wants to be royalty, and they want to be the provider, but sometimes the ends don’t justify the means. To learn how to make the most of their coins, Leo needs to learn how to find the opulence they are seeking without spending their hard earned pay.


Virgo is skilled at selecting long-term investments where they can profit from in the long-term. But at what cost? In this earth sign’s drive for stability, they may end up selling out their community or engaging in enterprises that take a toll on the environment. There’s certainly a lot of money to be made investing in questionable business ventures like private development or natural gas, but if Virgo keeps their eye only on their pocketbooks, a spiritual crisis will shortly ensue.


Libras spend their hard-earned money like they have something to prove. Leaping for the check after an expensive night out can set a precedent they can’t afford to repeat. And as a people-pleaser who seeks harmony, Libras struggle to set up boundaries that would help them save the money they need. Through practicing how to say no to others more often, Libra will eventually learn how to say yes to themselves.


Scorpio’s biggest money issue is judging and over-evaluating the value of a gift for themselves. Gifts from others also fall under their scrutiny and can lead to long-term resentment. Devaluating is a form of financial misuse; in order for Scorpio to rise above their own set of unrealistic expectations, they’ll need to place less weight on material items. Sometimes a gift is just a way of expressing love (not how much was spent on it) and Scorpio needs to learn how not to reject those gifts from others.


Sagittarius can’t resist when it comes to making impulsive purchases that scratch a temporary need. Their desire for constant motion might propel them to spring for that last-minute plane ticket, even when they know they’d have more financial stability if they opted for a staycation this year. In order to resolve their economic issues, Sagittarius needs to take careful study of their finances and spending habits. When they learn their emotional patterns, Sagittarius will be better able to keep their savings in check.


Capricorn is skilled at budgeting, accounting for every single coin, how it is spent and how it was earned. This skill gives them financial prowess and the ability to keep a steady income stream flowing into their coffers. If Capricorn goes too far with their money obsession, however, their budgeting can become so constricting that they forget how to have fun. Capricorn needs to trust that dipping their hand into the piggy bank every once in awhile won’t stop the money from flowing in.


When it comes to money, Aquarius‘ biggest problem is they live in the future before it arrives. As the visionary of the Zodiac sign, Aquarius has good faith that eventually everything is going to turn out alright. But this optimism about the future can mean they’ll sacrifice their short-term health and take on excess stress in pursuit of fulfilling their financial vision. This often means not meeting their full earning potential and neglecting what they need in the short-term.


Pisces‘ biggest money issue is that they eschew money and worldly pleasures altogether. There is a value in operating on different systems of currency since money and time are both human-made. But while Pisces has no problem entering a dream world where money doesn’t matter, they need the other sign’s help if they are going to operate in this world effectively. Pretending money doesn’t exist won’t make capitalism go away. Pisces need to learn how to be more involved in this world but can also help the other signs contribute to a society that thrives outside the laws of supply and demand.

—By C. Luce Christensen

C. Luce Christensen is an Aquarius, writer, and professional Tarot card reader. 

Lead photo courtesy of Unsplash; Sharon McCutcheon

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