The Best Birthday Gifts for a Libra


On September 28, 2017

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The Best Birthday Gifts for a Libra

What are you going to get your favorite Libra for their birthday this year? To find the best presents for Libra, you need to know a bit about the Libra personality: In love with art, beauty, and accessories, Libra has a less-is-more mentality and absolutely would prefer no gift over one just randomly picked up en route to their house. Libra appreciates thoughtfulness, and for them, it truly is the thought that counts; a gift that shows you’ve considered their personality, style, and living space will stand out (in other words, buying an apartment-dwelling Libra an oversized potted palm tree will likely not go over well). Libra adores practical gifts that can help elevate their everyday routine—a luxe yoga mat or gym bag, a delicious-scented candle, colorful kitchen products, or sensuous body scrubs. Libra men, in particular, love well-made body care products, and also dig ties, socks, and other accessories that can help make their outfits even more put together. 

And whatever you pick up for Libra, make sure the packaging is on point; a Libra will be skeptical of any present given to them in a brown paper bag. By putting some effort into your presentation, you’re showing a Libra how much you care.

Great Gift Ideas for Libra: 

Office wall art
Handmade “coffee” poster, $5 (not including frame)
Latte-loving Libras will adore this cheeky poster. 

Dining room decor
Salt box, $13
Of course, one could put their salt in a shaker, but detail-loving Libras will love the simple sophistication of this design and will be proud to bust it out for dinner parties.

Living art
Closed aquatic system ecosphere, $61
Even if a Libra lives in a small space, they’ll love this elegant ecosystem that truly shows balance in its complex, living state.

An (almost) macho body wash
Molton Brown body wash for men, $30
Not sure what to buy the Libra man in your life? Trust that he’ll love this sandalwood-scented body wash—manly and sexy all in one bottle.

A camera backpack
Koolertron professional function camera backpack, $53 
Chances are, the creative Libra in your life is always snapping pictures, and loves bringing their real camera along for the best shots. This unisex camera bag can help them tote everything in style.

An extra-sparkly bottle of bubbly
Brut champagne, $59
Can’t go wrong with champagne, right? Not only does this glittery bottle scream celebration, but the company, One Hope, benefits Why Hunger with every purchase. 

Some soothing scents
InnoGear essential oil diffuser, $16
Libra loves living a harmonious life—aromatherapy oils can help. This diffuser will blend in with Libra’s decor (blue is one of their power colors!). 

A zodiac bangle
Alex and Ani zodiac libra bangle, $23
Libra tends to like sentimental jewelry, and will love this subtle symbol of their sign—a reminder of the way they balance everything and consider all points before making their (usually spot-on) decisions. 

A pretty place to write
Fox laser cut journal, $29
A pretty wood journal will make it easier for Libras to keep track of their many dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

A starter kit for blossoming baby musicians
Skip Hop musical instrument set, $20
Little Libras will love expressing themselves with these cheerful plastic musical instruments!

A pretty water bottle
S’Well water bottle, $32
Air sign Libra gravitates toward blue, and this cheerful looking bottle will brighten up their mood with every sip.

An everyday tote  
Canvas tote bag, $12
Practical Libras love saying no to plastic bags and bringing their own tote. This whimsical one, featuring The Little Prince, will appeal to Libra kids and adults alike.

Happy shopping! Your Libra friends are lucky to have you in their lives!

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