What Tea Should You Be Sipping On, According to Your Zodiac Sign

By Ellen Ricks

On October 11, 2022

What Tea Should You Be Sipping On, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The holiday season is fast approaching and we can already feel the crisp magic in the air. Now is the ideal time to cuddle up by the fire, visit friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while, and sip on some delicious drinks. We all know that autumn and winter are perfect for hot drinks and Tea Drops delivers a wide variety of teas for any star sign. Whether you’re a PSL fan forever or need a minty boost, we got the tea for you. Not sure where to start? We picked a tasty tea, based on your zodiac sign. 

So let’s get brewing! 

Aries—Chai Spice 

As a fire sign, you need to have a little kick in your cup of tea. Fortunately, the chai spice tea drops bring the sweet, the savory, and the spicy. The masala chai spice gives the perfect amount of heat and a rich aroma, ideal to warm up after spending all day outside in the cold. 

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Taurus—Chocolate Earl Grey 

You’re a sign that likes a little luxury, Taurus. With the holidays, it’s okay to treat yourself a little, especially if you’re looking to indulge. So pick up these chocolate earl grey tea drops that add a sweet richness to your average earl grey.  It also has enough caffeine to wake up on a cold morning and get you ready for the holiday hustle. 

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Gemini—Matcha Green Tea 

You are more than ready for the holidays, Gemini. With plenty of big plans and a list of events that will keep you busy until the new year. Which means you’ll need a tea that will keep you moving throughout the day. Pour yourself a cup of matcha green tea drops that not only gives your palette a unique flavor experience but also keeps your energy up without making you anxious. 

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Cancer—Apple Pie 

Holidays always bring out the nostalgic romantic in you, Cancer. With your family gathered around you, you’re usually in the kitchen baking something tasty, or thinking about the treats your loved ones made when you were little. Indulge in the nostalgia with a hot cup of apple pie tea drops. This lovely mix of cozy and fruity will transport you back to a simpler time. 

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Leo—Citrus Ginger  

Ruled by the sun, the fall and winter seasons can be a little rough for you as your beloved ruling planet is out for fewer hours at a time. Fortunately, we have a fix for that. Sip on some citrus ginger tea drops that taste like sunshine in a cup. This fresh blend of orange, lemon, and zesty ginger will brighten up even the coldest morning and the darkest night. Keep shining, Leo! 

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Virgo—Sweet Peppermint Tea 

Oh, Virgo! You love the holidays, seeing your loved ones, and doing some fun seasonal activities, but it can also make you stressed! You’re constantly planning and organizing to make everything “perfect,” but you rarely have time to appreciate your hard work. Take a moment to sit down and sip on some sweet peppermint tea, to calm your racing mind and allow yourself to simply enjoy the moment. Remember, the holidays only come once a year. 

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Libra—Rose Earl Grey 

A hopeless romantic (thank Venus for that), you are spending the holiday season starring in your own personal Hallmark movie. While the holiday season does have a rom-com vibe to it, add a little more romance to your life with these rose earl grey tea drops that blends bold bergamot with sweet rose. A match made in tea heaven. 

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Scorpio—Pumpkin Spice 

Your birthday is at the peak of autumn, which means you are all too familiar with pumpkin spice everything. And while we would never dare call you basic, you do have a certain soft spot for that signature spice of fall. So pour yourself a cup of pumpkin spice tea drops as you bundle up by the fire. The warm spices can heat up your cold (undead) heart. Enjoy, Scorpio. 

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As the sage of the zodiac, you may be spending most of your season off studying some interesting subject or jet-setting off on your next adventure. However, no matter where you go, take some turmeric tea drops with you. This golden cup of wisdom is the perfect study aid and the boost you need to keep going on your travels.

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Capricorn—Thai Iced Tea Kit 

With the holiday hustle going on full blast, you’re going to need something that will keep you going all day long—especially if you have some birthday events to attend. However, don’t be so busy that you forget to enjoy the season. Make yourself something nice with this Thai tea latte kit that can allow you to make yourself a little treat to enjoy on a cold day. 

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Aquarius—Ube Latte Kit 

Always unique, you’re not the type to be easily impressed by just any old tea. You need something to excite your palette. So try out this Ube latte kit to bring a colorful splash to your holiday drink. Ube is a type of yam from the Philippines with a vanilla and nutty flavor, perfect for the holiday season. 

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Pisces—Chocolate Gingerbread 

You’re a big fan of the holiday: a cozy night by the fire, the hope that the new year will bring, and just the magic that crackles throughout the air. And the desserts aren’t bad either. Have a dreamy holiday dessert in a cup by sipping on this chocolate gingerbread tea drop that blends the dreaminess of chocolate with the spice of ginger. Perfect for an autumn night. 

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