Summer Solstice 2023 and How It’s Impacting Your Summer Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Ally Lewber

On June 15, 2023

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Summer Solstice 2023 and How It’s Impacting Your Summer Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Summer Solstice is an important event as it officially brings the first day of summer. It’s also one of the pillars of Western astrology, as it marks the exact moment the sun passes directly over the Tropic of Cancer, or in simpler terms, it’s officially Cancer season! 

On June 21, the northern hemisphere will be at its most direct tilt into the sun, making this the longest day of the year. Or at least, it feels like the longest day of the year because we will experience maximum hours of sunlight. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé, this is your chance!

At this powerful moment, our physical world and spiritual world collide as the sign of Cancer takes center stage. We can all harness the energy of this special event by getting outside, soaking up the sun, and getting into a rhythm with the universe. Sunrise yoga, anyone? 

As for the overall theme of the summer, the astrological chart of this event is fully supportive of having fun and trying new things. The moon, Venus, and Mars are all hanging out in the sign of Leo. So, while the weather may be heating up—so are we! Chatty Mercury is also entering the party, as it occupies one of its favorite signs, Gemini, activating themes around creativity, learning, and socializing. 

To learn more about what you can personally expect from the Summer Solstice, check out your horoscope below. Check your sun as well as your rising sign.


It’s time to log off, Aries! Press pause on all the million things you’ve got going on right now and shift the focus onto your home life. Because, after all, the effort that goes into your home is just as important as all the other areas of your life. You may be working from home more, starting a new home renovation project, re-organizing your closet, or even getting ready for a big move. But trust that this energy is here to help you build a safe and sturdy foundation for whatever person, project, or business you’re giving life to this summer.


Dive into a new book by the pool or give that workout class your friends keep inviting you to a try, Taurus. There’s so much beauty around you, just stop and smell the roses. You may be focused on communication-based projects this summer, like starting a podcast or taking a new online course. Whatever it is, lean into your surroundings and get excited to share your stories with your community. Jupiter—the planet of expansion and opportunities—is also on your side right now, which is like having a four-leaf clover in your pocket. Trust the universe and go for it! 


During this Summer Solstice, it’s time for you to get serious about the way that you’re making money. Your creative juices are flowing, Gemini, and so are your negotiation skills. Now is the perfect time to trust your brilliant ideas and ask for what you deserve. Remember that if you don’t take action, you can’t gain anything.


This is your season, Cancer, this is your moment! Your creativity is at its peaking right now, and your confidence is unmatched. Tap into your power and allow yourself to be seen. You’re getting ready for a new beginning in some way, so enjoy the starting line. But most importantly, feel the love, share the love, and get excited for all that is coming your way. 


You’re on fire right now, Leo! You’re energized, busy, and feeling creative, but it’s not a bad idea to turn some of that energy inwards. Maybe try ditching your phone for a yoga mat or trading happy hour for a Reiki session. Spending time alone is a great way to learn new things about yourself, so take advantage of this mystical moment by testing out a new spiritual practice, journaling, or meditating. 


Out with the old and in with the new. You may be paying close attention to your friend groups right now or starting a social decluttering process. If there are people in your life who are only getting in the way or adding stress, it’s okay to put yourself first and reevaluate. To make new friendships, we must make space for them. However, now is a great time to celebrate your long-lasting friendships, the ones that feel like family, so give them a call and check-in. It will add so much value to your day!


This Summer Solstice is bringing you new work opportunities! If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed out in the career department, trust the process because things are looking up! You may be experiencing a promotion at work or getting a completely new job title, so get ready for more eyes to be on you!


Get your passport ready, Scorpio, because this Summer Solstice wants you to travel far and wide. And if not literally, try mentally. Whether you’re embarking on an adventure in your mind or IRL, put your limits to the test and get out of your comfort zone. 


Your intuition is on fire right now! It’s a great time to quiet all the outside noise and listen to your inner voice. Connecting with your intuition, participating in a sound bath, or even learning about astrology may be your winning strategy this summer. Use this energy to help you slow down and recharge—it’s time to focus on your own healing journey. You may also notice you have a deeper interest in financial planning or investing at this time—you may even receive a bonus, raise, or a generous gift of money!


Healthy relationships take work, and now is the time to roll up your sleeves, Capricorn. Maybe you’re finally “getting back out there,” or maybe you’re taking the next big steps with your partner. Wherever you stand, this summer solstice is encouraging you to put in the hard work to see things through to the finish line. And if there are any underlying issues within your relationship, or tough conversations worth having, this energy will get you through it. Keep your eye on the prize! 


You’re busy right now, and there’s a lot on your plate. But take a breath, or a nap, because more responsibilities are only headed your way. Now is a good time to make sure you’re physically and mentally taken care of, so try incorporating a short meditation into your morning routine or taking a walk for deeper inspiration and joy. Practicing mindfulness for even just five minutes each day will make all the difference for you right now. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle! 


What makes you feel free, Pisces? Use this solstice to enhance your creative abilities and talents. Pick up that old hobby or get outside with a paintbrush and a blank canvas. Your inner child is begging you to create, play, and feel free. Self-expression is your superpower right now, let it fuel you this summer!

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