Can the Universe Help You Become the Person You Want To Be?


On September 13, 2018

In Spirit

Can the Universe Help You Become the Person You Want To Be?

It rained last night. One of those rains that means I won’t have to water the garden for a couple of days. Not that I water the garden often or anything. Just that it reminded me that nature’s got it covered. It’s easy to have faith when it comes to rain. We know that nature works without our interference.  

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Yet when it comes to other less complicated areas of life, most of us suffer from a “I have to make it happen” complex. Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying to sit back and not make any effort. What I am saying is that life presents us with a series of creative impulses. They come through us every minute of every day. This is life urging us to grow in a particular direction that serves our unique desires at this moment in time. We can move with that powerful force and grow beyond our wildest imaginations or we can choose to ignore those impulses and resist or slow down our growth.

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The Ultimate Creative Force

Resistance leads to exhaustion. I prefer something I like to call “active surrender” — moving into the direction life has set before us — as the ultimate creative force. It’s what keeps us alive, vibrant and excited to face life every single day. It is a sort of willful evolution.

Now back to my garden. I might look at my garden and decide that I can help it grow. I might consider watering it if it’s been a few days since it rained. I may add fertilizer to help the flowers and plants reach their maximum potential.

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Let’s extend that metaphor to relationships. Where do you feel inspired to take action? Is there nurturing that’s needed in some areas? Or is now a moment to let the relationship grow or dissolve naturally? Can it thrive on it’s own?

The key is to recognize the forces at play (for my garden I’ll note clouds coming or a shift in the air) and for relationships, I’ll take note of what’s stagnant (my friends aren’t calling me back, that guy I like disappeared) and to trust your instincts to take action where necessary.

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That’s what an intuitively directed life feels like: making changes while trusting that there are also much grander evolutionary forces at work for you.

Trusting Universal Forces

It takes practice to allow nature to lead the way while staying open to the creative impulses that come as a result, and then acting on those impulses. It’s also about trusting who we are becoming and  letting go of what’s blatantly outside our control, like other people’s expectations, for example. But it’s a beautifully positive cycle. The more you practice, the more open and receptive to the universe you are, the more trust you’ll have that you will become who you are meant to be.

For More Intuitive Success 

  1. TAKE A TIMEOUT: Whenever you feel overwhelmed, whether it’s a few minutes, an hour, an entire day — just be with yourself in nature. Nature reminds us of how effortless growth can be. When we allow that same ease into our lives, the anxiety to “make things happen” begins to diminish.  
  2. BREATHE: How are you breathing right now? Is your chest curved inward? That’s a sign that you’re not at full lung capacity and not getting as much oxygen as you need. By opening your chest and breathing fully, you gain greater access to those intuitive impulses. 
  3. CELEBRATE: Every time you follow through on a hunch that feels aligned with who you are at your core is a moment to celebrate who you are becoming. This brings more of those juicy moments your way. So turn up the music, dance and play! When we celebrate nature and our own self-nurturing, magic happens.  

For more by Cortney McDermott, follow her on Instagram and you can buy her book, Change Starts Within You: Unlock the Confidence to Lead with Intuition on Amazon.

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