Planetary Aspects for March 19 to March 26: How Will Aries Energy Affect Your Week?


On March 19, 2018

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Planetary Aspects for March 19 to March 26: How Will Aries Energy Affect Your Week?

A Pisces new moon hangover begins the week, and disparate elements make the beginning of the week a little moody, a little confusing, and a little all over the place. You may feel unsure of your plans; problems may arise, and you may feel a little bit dreamy and unsure of what is reality. You may be slow moving — like your feet are stuck in mud — but the energy shifts midweek, as the sun shifts into Aries on Wednesday and you may feel like you have to go, go, go! As always, the answer is somewhere in between. The week ends with a solemn Cancer moon, that may cause some emotional waves. Here, what all signs can expect from Monday, March 19 to Saturday, March 25. 

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Monday, March 19
Be Resourceful
An Aries moon tries to drive us beyond our all-over-the-place emotions, helping us lock down on our to-do lists and get down to business. You may feel like your brain has to fight through the noise, but it’s worth it. Today sets the stage for a lot of important work in the week. 

Tuesday, March 20
Hello, Spring!

It’s the spring equinox, and no matter where you are in the planet, you’re feeling the shifting and rhythm of the spirit. A Taurus moon gives every sign some stubborness and conviction—you may feel like you’re digging in your heels. It’s worth it. The sun transits toward Aries, and you’re feeling the energy. This can be an exciting month for all signs. Get ready! 

Wednesday, March 21
Go For It! 
The sun in Aries gives energy to all signs. You’re ready for anything, and you want it all. And you can have it! You may feel like everyone has this energy, though, so don’t be surprised if meetings are called, dates are made, and you’re feeling like your calendar is filling quickly. It’s all good! 

Thursday, March 22 
Don’t Panic, But Mercury Goes Retrograde
Or panic a little bit. Or make sure to back up your documents! When Mercury goes retrograde, even the best laid plans can go haywire, so it’s important to make sure you get things done before today or table them until a few weeks from now. Here, a guide to handling Mercury retrograde — just be aware of it, but do not panic.

Friday, March 23
Take Everything at Face Value 
Venus is in Aries until the end of the month, and while this usually can be a lovely aspect, some awkward angles today can cause some drama. You may hear subtext in another person’s words where there wasn’t meant to be, or you may get the overwhelming urge to read their phone. As much as possible, try to take your partner at face value today and not lose yourself to paranoia.

Saturday, March 24
Buckle Up 
A square between the Sun and Mars might make this a challenging weekend. Avoid conflict and remember that it might be better to have a good relationship than be right. Assess the risks and benefits of getting involved in a fight or disagreement. 

Sunday, March 25
Talk About Your Feelings 

Before Venus shifts to Taurus, it’s a good time to talk about what’s going on in your relationsship, and it may be that you or your partner cry. This isn’t bad! It’s okay to be emotional, and emotions may be far overdue. 

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