Planetary Aspects for February 26 to March 5: Life is Lovely!


On February 26, 2018

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Planetary Aspects for February 26 to March 5: Life is Lovely!

Some lovely aspects this week lend excitement and magic to the week. A full moon in Virgo on Thursday can shed light on passions, and may be a bit of a taskmaster in terms of finally getting things done and getting serious about things that you say you’re planning to do. And in the early part of the week, Jupiter makes its presence known across all signs, helping you anchor your commitments and truly be your best self. Here, the planetary transits for February 26 to March 5 that affect all Zodiac signs. 

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Monday, February 26
Tell Someone You Love Them 
Today, a Cancer moon makes all signs crave home, whatever it means to them. If you’ve been all over the place, both in terms of moving and relationships, it’s important to define your “home” today. Tell someone close to you that you love them. You may not think you need anyone, but you do. 

Tuesday, February 27
Make a Date in Bed 

As Venus sextiles Pluto, you may find a new way to deal with an old issue. It can be helpful to buckle down at work, but it’s not all hanging out at your desk today. A Leo moon ignites our passion, and today is a prime day for giving in to carnal cravings. In other words: Sex is goooood tonight. Don’t miss out. And sex doesn’t have to be with a partner. Some solo loving can get the job done, too. 

Wednesday, February 28
Fall in Love with Love! 
When Venus trines Jupiter, it’s as if the planets have sprinkled love potion on you—and everyone in your life. People are flirty, you feel confident, and this is an amazing time to schedule a date. In a relationship? Add some playfulness back to your same old routine. If you don’t normally go out in the middle of the week, make an exception. The more magic you put into these days, the more you’ll get out of them. 

Thursday, March 1
Rabbit, Rabbit. Welcome the Month by Getting Sh*t Done 

A Virgo moon inspires us all to get things done, especially when it comes to tying up loose ends, both looking ahead and looking behind us. This is a good day to begin making summer vacay plans, and it’s also a good day to close the door on any outstanding issues from 2017 (like, ahem, taxes) Today may be a frustrating day, but the more you are able to buckle down and account for all the details, the better. 

Friday, March 2
Time for Some R & R 

After a full moon, a Libra moon suggests balance in your life, especially if you’ve been pushing yourself hard. Today can be a good day to hang out at home, and make a homecooked meal, especially if that’s not in your usual repetoire. Today is all about being good and generous to yourself and those closest to you., 

Saturday, March 3 
Have Fun! 

As Venus conjuncts Mercury, it’s a sparkly, playful evening—perfect for romance for all signs. Keep conversations light, and think fun and whimsical, like mini golf instead of a three-course, candlelit dinner. Don’t take yourself so seriously, and be okay poking fun at yourself, which will help let your confidence shine! 

Sunday, March 4
Heal Your Heart 

Venus conjuncts Chiron, a planetary aspect which seeks love, forgiveness, and a fresh page and a fresh start. Today is a great day to let go of old wounds, and confidently and bravely move ahead into the future. Feel the love, be the love. Kindness is everything today. 

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