Start Building Your Dreams with This Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

By Brittany Binowski

On January 4, 2019

In Astrology

Start Building Your Dreams with This Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

It is not enough to just know what you want. You also need to commit to creating and building a life that can support those things. The new moon partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5, 2019, at 5:28 p.m. PT will herald a six-month time period of heavy commitment where you must decide not only what direction you want your life to go in, but how you will structure your life so that you can proceed with those things in a more disciplined kind of way.

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This won’t be easy and may require you to make hard decisions between two things that appear similar but can yield very different results, such as good or best, and bad or worse. The direction that you choose may be very different from anything you have ever done before and require you to tear down some old structures in your life that you have spent years before this point building up. This process of building new things and tearing down old ones will take place throughout the year, and may continue into 2020 as you hone in on the things that are important to you.

With Venus at the last degrees of Scorpio, this commitment to a new or different direction in life may feel scary and require some profound changes and transformations, especially when it comes to your relationships, your money, and your own self-worth. However, it is meant to help you overcome old wounds, build your life on a new foundation, and create a life that is more meaningful and true to you as an individual.

Your mind could get ahead of you at this time—wanting to aggressively do the things that you are just now planting the seeds for. This could bring lots of intense, angry, or hard conversations with many disagreements. Watch your words, and don’t get carried away. This new moon solar eclipse is not one to get hasty under! It is time, instead, to focus only on what is important or practical, and to put some of your feelings and sensitivities behind you, at least for the time being. Later, once the work is done and the decisions are made, you will start to feel more successful and emotionally fulfilled.

This new moon also marks the first of a series of eclipses in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, which will unfold over the next year and a half. This eclipse cycle is all about creating a career or life direction that brings you more meaning. If you remember, the last series of eclipses of 2018 occurred in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. That eclipse cycle encouraged you to figure out what kind of life or future would truly make you happy, even if it was new or different. Now, in Capricorn and Cancer, it is time to start building on, solidifying, and settling into those things you had started to envision last year.


It is time to get serious. If there is something in your life or career that you want, now is the time to build it, create it, and move forward on it. But you may have to put some of your instincts behind you. Instead of just doing things as they come to you, you may have to be more strategic and methodical. Play the long-term game, make changes in relationships and money where need be, and success will be yours.


New adventures are in store for you, with lots of new people and friends too. However, these new adventures are not ones that can be done at the drop of a hat but must be planned for and chosen carefully. Spend the time figuring out how you can travel, study, or do something different in a more disciplined kind of way that can yield significant results. This will open tons of different doors for you. Conversations with those that you value most may help.

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You may not like to take life so seriously, but at this time, you may have to! And that is okay. Being serious about your life, what you want, or what you need will yield major results. It will help you achieve a career or reputation that you feel much better about, even if it is different. Changing your job and how you make money, as well as partnering with the right people, can also bring you the support you need to accomplish the things that are weighing on you.


There may be some new people or relationships coming into your life. It is time to commit to and structure those relationships in ways that can benefit you and bring you more peace. Doing that can help you to increase your reputation and social standing and put your life in a better place. Just don’t be hasty. Your job and daily routines look busy, and some changes may be necessary with your children, a passion project, or a business you own to support these new structures.

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It is time to plan and structure your days better so that you can put your life in a direction that you feel will bring you the most success. It could seem tough to do on the surface, but it will become easier once you change your daily routines and start to do something that is more meaningful to you, even if it is different. What once made you happy may not make you happy anymore. That is okay. Some changes with home and family may also help.


It is time to seriously pencil some love, romance, or play into your to-do list. This eclipse could very well bring a new person or passion into your life that you want to commit to in some way and go far with. Just don’t rush the process. Focus on your feelings, and make sure to communicate about your dreams for the future. It is important to go slow at first with whatever you are working on so that it can last.


Having a good home, or the right home can work wonders for your career and your reputation. It is time to get serious about that and the foundation you are building your life on. Doing so can make your days go by more smoothly, even if working with your relationships may still be a challenge. You may have to make a change in how you make money and your job at this time so you can feel better about your career. Communication is the key.

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Your words will have real power the next year or two, so you must learn now how to use them wisely! And to speak in a way that commands both respect and authority. That, in turn, will help you be happy, have more fun, and shine like a star! More money and confidence may be coming your way too, even if some things about your job or daily routines still have yet to be worked out. It will all come together. For now, get excited about the person you are becoming.


It is time to cultivate a new talent or source of income that can bring you lots of success and recognition. This will help you feel more at peace with yourself, work better with home and family, and build something in your life that can last. Let yourself become this new person and go on this new adventure, bringing more of the joy back to you. Your life will not be what it has been for years. It will be better! Let the inner transformation commence.


If there is a person you have always wanted to be, but that you are not currently, now is the time to let yourself go there, and own it. You can break free from an old identity or the past, it may just require you to re-think where your life is headed, especially with relationships. It may also require you to take a hard look at your emotional situation, your home, and family so you can figure out how both of those things can support your new identity.

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While everyone else may be structuring their lives externally in some way, your task is one of an internal restructuring. It is time to manage your inner world—including your dreams, creativity, and spirituality! Harnessing and mastering your mind can then help you to be more confident, make more money, and see exciting new opportunities. You can create a job or set of routines that you feel good about, but the first step will need to happen internally before it manifests outwardly.


You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with! This solar eclipse is all about finding the right group of people that can support your dreams and working with them to help you get where you want to go. You may not know how to integrate yourself and your talents with them, but don’t worry, people will love and respect you anyways. Your career and reputation is on the rise. It is time to find joy in new or different things, and get excited about what is to come.

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