Your Relationships Are About to Change, Thanks to the New Moon in Libra

By Brittany Binowski

On September 27, 2019

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Your Relationships Are About to Change, Thanks to the New Moon in Libra

It’s about time people start working with you, instead of against you—right?

The new moon in Libra, happening on September 28, 2019 at 11:26 am PT, will give us all a fresh start in our relationships (both personal and professional). We’ll start working with people in new and different ways that’ll help resolve some conflicts or roadblocks we might have faced over the past few months.

To do this, we may settle into new daily routines, switch up our communication methods, or start viewing things from a different perspective.

While many conflicts might be taken care of, that doesn’t necessarily mean things will be smooth sailing. In order to get there, you may need to face some serious conversations or decisions before you can establish deeper connections with others. But once this is done, it’ll bring about a major turning point in your life, helping you to do more of what you love.

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Get excited about the new journey that is ahead of you this month—but be sure you speak with tact and sensitivity as you make some of these big decisions and work towards better possibilities with people.

How the New Moon in Libra 2019 Will Affect Your Relationships, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


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You may need to make some decisions about the direction your relationships are going. The decision should be to move away from working with people the old way—full of structure and obligation—and toward new processes that honor the emotions of everyone involved. You’re not used to thinking that far outside your realm, Aries. So, while you may feel a little insecure about yourself as you adjust, it will help your relationships improve big time.


It’s time for you to bring some stability into your job and daily routines, Taurus. If you’ve been traveling, experimenting, or doing new things on the day-to-day, settle into a chosen routine. While it may feel a little difficult to overcome the past in order to do this, it will help make your days more manageable.


You may need to make some decisions about a romantic relationship, your kids, a passion project, or a business you own. You will need to decide how to end a time of big tumultuous changes, and possibly even debt, and move towards a time of financial security, confidence, and stability. Remember that shifting your focus is going to be good for you, Gemini, as it’ll help restore balance in your life.


You’re all about home life, Cancer. But this moon may prove a little difficult as you could be faced with a decision to make about your home or family this month. As you debate the options, remember that it’s okay to stray away from what other people expect of you. Moving toward what you truly desire is the best way to serve your highest good. It could bring up some questions about your career or life direction, but it will be necessary.


You may need to make some decisions with relationships about your job or daily schedule, Leo. The resulting decision should be to move away from a stressful, hectic, or boring set of routines. This will help fulfill you personally and spiritually, even if you have to do it alone. It could make you uncomfortable as you work on or shelve other passion projects, but it will help you to find more peace and comfort in your life.


This moon is about making some important monetary decisions. As you go over what needs to happen, you should make sure the decision allows you to think less about what you do. Whatever makes you happy in the present is the option that will have longer-term effects on your happiness. Being a rational Virgo, you may feel uncomfortable about losing monetary stability, but this change will help you to be more confident and stable over time.


This is your moon! Because it falls in your sign, relationship work will be extra important for you during this time. Your decision may be that you need to remove yourself from home and family, and that’s okay. This will encourage you to put yourself out there more and take charge of your life, perhaps toward a better career or life direction. You could feel uncomfortable about this switch, but it will help increase your status and social standing.


You may be making some private and personal decisions (very Scorpio-esque) at this time about your internal perspective on life. This decision should surround the idea of getting away from what you’re familiar with, and to branch out into new and foreign territory. In order to do this, you may have to let go of some things from the past. It could feel uncomfortable to do or think about these things regarding work or on the day-to-day, but it will help to get your life moving.


For you, Sagittarius, an important decision is coming up regarding what kind of friends you want to socialize with. Your choice should surround the idea that it’s time to move away from what’s stable and secure, and to travel bravely into the unknown. You may need to change your goals for the future and your friend group, or things may get messy with them. At the time, youo could be unsure if this will make you happy, but know that it will.


Career and direction is what you need to focus on, Capricorn. As you face an important career decision, know that the best choice for you will be catering toward the needs of others. It could take you out of your comfort zone to be so empathetic, or require a change at home or emotionally, but this will be necessary to your growth.


You may have been working on something new lately. This moon presents a choice for you to upgrade or change the path you’ve been on, Aquarius. As you face this choice, know that the best path is one that can get your projects out of your head, and to start collaborating more with others in more practical ways. You may be sensitive regarding how you communicate about these new projects, but talking out your ideas will be helpful in getting the ball rolling.


You may need to make some big decisions regarding your most intimate relationships and how you manage your finances, Pisces. As you consider your choices, the decision should be to move away from thinking about the long-term future, and more toward living in the present, and doing more of what you love and enjoy. This could create some instability in the present, but will help to bring more pleasure back to your life.

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