Must-See TV for Your Sign


On March 16, 2017

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Must-See TV for Your Sign

No matter what time of year it is, you’re always looking for something new and exciting to watch on TV. Here’s your handy guide, according to your sign:
Your sign loves a good physical challenge, and can match wits with the best of them. Bonus points for designing your own workouts from the show’s weekly challenges.  

You can’t resist any foodie-themed programming, Taurus, but the creativity behind Chopped gets you every time. Each show gives you great ideas for dinner, too. 

What’s not to love about a show built around problem solving and communication – two of your sign’s super powers? Plus, Olivia Pope’s clothes are to die for.

You’re a sucker for anything involving suspense and defending the country, just like Showtime’s Homeland. Factor in a romance here and there, and you’re hooked.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Your sign loves a great buddy comedy, and in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there are lots of buddies for Jake to choose from.  Life, laughs and some occasional police work just entertains you.

Grey’s Anatomy
Virgos love a great procedural, especially when it combines health, saving lives and romance. Grey’s Anatomy fits the bill, and keeps you riveted each week.

Dancing with the Stars
Libra loves amazing costumes, like those worn by celebs and their dancing partners on Dancing with the Stars. You may even take inspiration from all that grace on display, too.

The Vampire Diaries
Scorpios never tire of the darker aspects of storytelling, like sexy vampires. The Vampire Diaries never disappoints with its mix of romance, danger and excitement.

The Americans
Sagittarians love dramas that involve having to choose between two extremes, or questions someone’s loyalty. FX’s The Americans fills the bill and more.

The Blacklist
A typical procedure this isn’t, but Capricorn loves The Blacklist for its quirks. Is Raymond Reddington leading everyone on for his own gain, or helping them catch criminals?

The Big Bang Theory
Four loveable nerds trying to be grown-ups is just your cup of tea, so tune in to The Big Bang Theory each week to see what Sheldon, Leonard and the others get into.

You love a little fantasy, but when these two brothers get together to hunt monsters and demons, you can’t stay away. A little eye candy never hurt your sign, either.

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