Moon Magic: How Can You Partner With Saturday's New Moon in Pisces to Achieve Your Dreams?


On March 16, 2018

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Moon Magic: How Can You Partner With Saturday's New Moon in Pisces to Achieve Your Dreams?

Welcome to Moon Magic, a new column appearing bimonthly on A powerful new moon in Pisces unleashes our intuitive power. Here. Jessica Wiggan, tarot reader, astrologer, and transformation coach, shares a ritual to allow the magic of the new moon in Pisces to open up to you and allow you to manifest your desires. This is a time to tap into your intuition and truly discover, explore, and experience the full, complex, and sometimes dark beauty of your subconscious in all its glory. Every full and new moon, Jessica Wiggan will share rituals, insights, and spells to make the most of these mysterious lunar transits.  — editors 

March 17 at 9:13 AM EST we have a stunning new moon in Pisces that is working to spur intuitive action and movement into your life… if you are at least open to receiving it! Pisces rules the energy of this moon and we are nudged to pay attention to our intuition, hunches, and dreams.

Interestingly enough, Jupiter (currently retrograde in Scorpio)  trines this new moon almost perfectly. Traditionally Jupiter rules Pisces and he lends his hand and protection to us. Even when retrograde, he works to give us gifts, although he is storing his power for the time when he will go direct again- even planets need periods of rest!

New Moons are highly reflective and quiet times… in fact, the moments surrounding a new moon are called the “dark moon” where the waters of our world are designed to be STILL. When the water is still we can see clearly what we need to do next within our lives and where to set intentions. Within two days that follow we can begin to work our magick for what we are ready to build as the moon starts to grow in power!

Pisces is highly spiritual, compassionate, artistic, and loving. Still waters run deep with this sign and I see many taking the time to sit with legs crossed in meditation to connect with the magick within themselves as their intuition is being stirred so that they can see clearly the answers that they seek, what steps next to take and to take account of their personal vibes.

There is a need to be alone within your own sacred space, to connect with the breath again, and feel the energy of the Divine, spirit, and your guides. They have many messages they’ve been needing to share and the only way to connect and hear them is to be STILL.

Venus (planet that rules love, beauty, values) is still dancing in circles with Mercury (planet of communication, mind) and the two meet with the natal node (point of karma) nudging your steps back in authentic alignment with YOUR personal path.

Ask yourself, “Where do I need to be now? This is what I want my life to look and feel like… how do I get there?”

Mercury rules the mind and will give you sparkling glimpses and visions… Venus rules what we love and will paint a picture by stirring your heart. All courtesy of this new moon!

Mars (planet of action) is roughhousing with Uranus and inspires our action, actually stirring us to action! We’ve been moving quickly these last few weeks… a lot of times impulsively but all for a divine purpose. Where has life been trying to take you? Keep making note of your impulses as they are also very destined.

Work your new moon magic! Image courtesy of @dtnart on Instagram. 

Areas of Focus and Intent for this Pisces New Moon

Honoring your Sacred Space & Connection to the Higher Power/Divine
 Pisces energy is highly in-tune and reminds us of the importance of making time to nurture our spiritual selves, no matter what your belief is! During the dark time of the new moon take a moment to retreat to your own private meditation area that will allow you to focus uninterrupted on prayer, meditation, and any messages your Angels and Guides have for you. This will help you to not only feel spiritually refreshed but more mentally clear, calm, and focused.

Messages within your Dreams
This Pisces new moon will be phenomenal for doing dream work as this moon easily stirs up the life of the subconscious. During this time we are prone to experience prophecies or messages within our dreams and I highly recommend keeping a journal close by upon waking to capture what images and messages you receive! Below, you will also find a gift for making your magickal intentions and encouraging prophetic dreams in your own life.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
If there is a time to focus on attracting deeper levels of love and connection this new moon is it! Pisces connects us to the spirit of super soul love which effortlessly invites soulmates and twin flames in! The astro chart for this moon cycle emphasizes following and acting upon your gut instinct while pushing aside normal restrictions that have previously held you back (for example, fear of approaching someone you like first!). If you feel inspired to act on something- or someone- that interests you act on it! The universe rewards bold moves!

Creative Journaling and Self Healing
The energy this week is highly emotional and in some ways a little chaotic. We are still unwinding from the weeks (and months) recently passing. Pisces reminds us to release through creative outlets and get those feelings out on paper instead of keeping them all balled up! Don’t hold back in journaling your emotions, frustrations, hopes and wishes! If you’re scared of manifesting this release of tension back into your life then burn, rip and flush your creative release to remove the energy of things you no longer want in your life. This is a powerful release for all types of healing- mind, body, soul, and spirit!

Work Your Magick…

Stimulating prophecies and messages within dreams—on the night of the Pisces New Moon create a simple oil blend of mugwort and lavender herb in your preference of an all natural carrier oil (for example grapeseed, coconut, or almond oil). Charge it under the new moon sky by surrounding it with several quartz crystals, selenite, or moonstone. When ready to do your dreamwork pull it out and set it aside on your night table.

A new moon kit of herbs and candles can help you set your intention. Images from @behatilife on Instagram.

On the night when you are ready to work your magic before falling asleep take 22 minutes to an hour to enter into a space of peaceful meditation. Your mind and body both need to be completely relaxed in order for this type of magic to work.

Focus on clearing out the chaos of the day by visualizing an eraser rubbing out any thought that comes up and tries to distract you. While the thoughts being to slow down visualize that same eraser moving to your feet to erase your toes, ankles, legs, and torso while continuing to move up the body.

When you feel completely relaxed take a few deep cleansing breaths and set the intention that while you are sleeping that night the Divine or angels and guides from the highest light of the universe work to bring you prophetic dreams and messages to you in your sleep. You can ask for insight into specific situations or leave it open for them to guide you to what you need to know now. Take your mugwort and lavender oil and anoint your heart chakra, third eye, and crown chakra and tuck the oil safely away for another day.

Upon waking, take time to write down all that came to you within your dreams before your feet touch the ground.

Happy Magick Making!—By Jessica Wiggan

Jessica Wiggan is the creator of BehatiLife, an online apothecary selling custom, hand crafted magical blends. Jessica is available for tarot and astrology readings, and also runs an online Tarot school. Find her on Instagram. 

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