4 Simple Tricks to Mercury Retrograde-Proof Your Life

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On July 16, 2018

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4 Simple Tricks to Mercury Retrograde-Proof Your Life

Jamie Richardson specializes in tarot decks and readings. Find her @EmberandAura

Every astrology lover knows that we are under the influence of our fellow orbiting planets and their paths through the signs of the zodiac. Take, for example, our friend Mercury. As Mercury appears to slow down and move backward (roughly three and a half weeks, three times per year), we refer to the optical illusion as Mercury in retrograde.

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As innocent as this shift in pattern appears, most of us can agree that its impact on our daily lives is not so subtle. The planet Mercury rules our communication, agreements, and travel. Thus, when Mercury reverses its direction, things can go haywire: Lines get crossed; feelings get hurt; flights are delayed; computers crash, etc. So it’s little wonder that as Mercury Retrograde approaches, stargazers start to do some emotional nail-biting. However, with a bit of prep work, we can learn to embrace this otherwise chaotic time and get Mercury Retrograde to work for you, not against you.

#1 Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine

Let’s pretend for a moment that Mercury Retrograde is a thunderstorm passing through your town. Are you going to stand outside, knowing full well you will get wet and be miserable? Of course not! You’ll retreat inside and focus on something where it is safe and dry. Much like during a thunderstorm, take this time to turn within yourself to do some reflecting. Grounding activities like journaling and soaking in warm baths with your crystals are the perfect ways to awaken your intuition during these weeks. Keep lavender by your bed to deepen your sleep and intensify your dreams. While everyone else is wasting their energy on frustrating arguments and wondering why their phones keep dying, find the inner wisdom that comes from unplugging and listening to your soul.

#2 Find Closure

Once you’ve begun to give yourself more attention during Mercury Retrograde, look for areas in your world that are in need of a proper ending. Maybe it’s time to write (or burn) that letter to your ex. Maybe it’s time to sew on those buttons that have fallen off a blouse. Perhaps it’s time to organize your closet and make that donation-run to Goodwill. Mercury Retrograde is the wrong time to start new projects but is the oh-so-right time to finish old ones. When the smoke clears, you will be refreshed, clear-headed, and ready for your next move.

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#3 Be Flexible

Once you’ve given yourself some TLC and tied up some loose ends, you can begin to face others with an enviable amount of patience and compassion (which is why the previous steps are critical). You can be fully prepared that others may not use kind words 100 percent of the time in the next few weeks, but you’ll be ready and won’t take it as personally.

#4 Hone Your Listening Skills

By giving someone your full attention, you will help reduce their frustration and prevent a possible communication breakdown.

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Look at you, making Mercury Retrograde more pleasant! So, while vexing, Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be a completely agonizing time. Arm yourself with a plan of action, be emotionally prepared, and go with the flow. Remember that the universe likes to keep us on our toes and that even moving backward can be an opportunity for growth.—By Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson is a tarot reader, mom, and online boutique owner in Denver, CO, specializing in ethical fashion, vintage goods, and tarot decks and readings. Find her @EmberandAura.

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash

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