25 Libra Memes That Get the Zodiac's Most Beautiful Sign

By Stephanie N. Campos

On October 3, 2019

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25 Libra Memes That Get the Zodiac's Most Beautiful Sign

Need retail therapy? They’re down. They’re a professional pro and con list—always up for weighing out any and every decision. Feeling shy, but want to go out? This is your wing woman (or wingman). Indecision plagues their mind—making any choice so freaking tough.Their home is such a fabulous scene of artwork and stunning accent pieces, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into a Restoration Hardware. So, which sign is this charming devil? Libra, who else?

Libra Traits That Make Them Perfect Meme Targets

Libras are a down-to-earth air sign frequently known for their diplomatic attitude. When your friends get in fights, the Libra in the group is going to host a get together to mend the misunderstanding. They’re represented by scales in the zodiac, emphasizing their desire for harmony and balance in all aspects of their lives.

Venus, the planet of love, luxury and affection, is Libra’s ruling planet, making them hopeless romantics at heart and interior designers by day. They require beauty in their lives. Libras won’t shy away from spoiling themselves—whether it’s a little retail therapy or indulging their senses in any other way they see fit.

In the zodiac wheel, Libra rules the seventh house of committed partnerships and contracts. If Aries’ battle cry (exact opposite placement on the zodiac wheel) is “me, me, me,” Libras’ is “we, we, we.” Since this house is often associated with marriage and long-term partnerships, Libras can become incredibly co-dependent—fostering a very real fear that they’ll end up alone.

But of course, that leads them to rush into love and relationships at any and every turn—while in line at the grocery store, while pumping gas, at the DMV, etc.

This house is also known as the house of open enemies—so there is quite a dichotomy between the energy at work here. Cue the balancing act! Libras love to keep the peace and will oftentimes do it at all costs; they’re people-pleasers. They find fulfillment in harmonious relationships and will do almost anything to avoid confrontation.

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As an air sign, they do have the ability to lead with intellect instead of reacting out of an emotional place. But what really sets them apart from their Gemini and Aquarius siblings is their unwavering desire to be loved. Their born with natural charm and style that puts any other sign to shame, so finding suitors isn’t an issue here. They’re so eager to find love, some say Libras mold their personalities based off of who they’re spending time with. This can give them a superficial rep.

The truth is: If you want to have a good time, if you want a friend who understands your indecision (on an extremely personal level), and if you want the best birthday presents ever (they’re the best gift givers)—Libra is your sign. And it’s thanks to all of this and more that they’re super memeable.

The Best Libra Memes

A nice floral arrangement goes a long way.


No. 1 coping strategy? Staying beautiful.


Restoration Hardware or go home


Do I look cute or what?


Pleading the Fifth in 3, 2, 1…


Spilling ALL the tea


Got 99 problems, and we’re not gonna talk about any of them.


Everything. Must. Be. Fair.


Ballin’ no a budget like..


Who let you out of the house like that?


Might as well be sponsored by Sephora


Can’t we all just be friends?


Stop… in the name of love


This movie is PG-13 for romantic situations


“Flirting isn’t cheating, right?” Said every Libra ever.


Must. Be. Boo’d. Up.


They have the most work wives because they have ALL the gossip.


“Hey, can you help me decide?” A forever Libra mood.


Surface level sh*t


Apologizing when you weren’t even involved like…


Hard yes.


Also hard yes.


When 2 become 1


Eye on the prize (& super cute ottoman)


A delicate balance


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