It’s Time To Tune Out the Doubters and Trust Your Intuition


On April 12, 2017

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It’s Time To Tune Out the Doubters and Trust Your Intuition

Last week, we talked about defining success on our own terms and finding the courage to do it our way. This week, I want to focus on how to keep that positive momentum going and handle the opinions that come along with choosing a unique path.
A funny thing happens when we begin to live boldly. Those around us take notice. And not everyone is comfortable with the changes they see.
When I was making the decision to leave my full-time job at MTV, I was met with an overwhelming amount of fear. The weirdest part? None of that fear belonged to me. “What if it doesn’t work out?” “You can always get a part-time job in the neighborhood.” “You should think about getting rid of cable and all the extras.” These comments came from friends, coworkers, even strangers. I quickly realized that my decision to take a risk was causing those around me to question their own ability to take risks. And many of them couldn’t deal.
A funny thing happens when we evolve. The people closest to us can often feel a sense of fear—even loss—and they begin to panic. Not all people, of course. Many of us are fortunate enough to have loving and supportive family members and friends who will cheer us on as we choose how to elevate our lives. But not everyone is capable of responding in this fashion.
So, how does a fearless fox like you handle the naysayers? You’ve got to understand that everyone will have an opinion, and that opinion is rooted in that person’s own beliefs, stories, and values. They may truly be happy for you, but as their fear, limiting beliefs, or even jealousy takes over, they are just incapable of being that wonderful cheerleader you may want them to be. And that’s okay.
Self-evolution is an opportunity to get to know ourselves on a deeper level and become our own best friend. It’s a time to shift the focus from the outside world, and look within. It’s a time to deeply start trusting our intuition.

Last year, I dyed my hair pink (yeah, that’s me in the picture above!). It was something I’d wanted to do for years, and after making many personal and professional changes, I finally worked up the nerve to start living in color. I adore my pink hair and rock it proudly. It makes me incredibly happy. But it often gets mixed reactions. Many people love it, and I still get stopped in the street constantly by strangers who think it’s awesome. But I’ve also been met with critical comments like, “It’ll wash out, right?” Or “Cool Halloween hair!” Or my favorite: “I liked you better blonde.” Great, but who’s asking you?
This week, I want you to think about a change you want to make in your life. It can be change-your-job huge or change-your-AM-routine small. But the Qs you need to ask yourself are the same: Who is holding you back from making that change? Are you allowing the opinions of others to stop you from evolving? If so, I want you to answer the following questions:
 How would my world change if I were my most confident self?
What am I giving up if I allow the opinions of others to hold me back?
What is one thing I can do this week to live more boldly?

I know you’ll be very happily surprised by the doors these questions open for you—and what happens next!

With love and stardust,


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