How Your Sign Expresses Pain


On March 9, 2017

In Breakup, Mood, Sadness

How Your Sign Expresses Pain

Into every life, some rain must fall. This is how your sign expresses emotional, mental, or even the psychological result of physical pain…
Doubling Your Workouts
On a good day, you’re physical to the max. But when you’ve been hurt, expect to find yourself in the gym, on the trail, or signing up for Cross-Fit to get your emotions out.

Eating Too Much
More than likely, you’re a good cook, and enjoy excellent cuisine if you’re a Taurus. But when your feelings get hurt, you’re probably going to indulge even more.  

Your sign is pretty social, but when you’re in pain, you need people around you. Your normally full calendar may be double- and triple-booked until you’re feeling better.

Hiding Under the Covers
Most people want to run and hide when they’ve been hurt, but your sign takes it to a new level. Ice cream, a slanket and a stack of magazines are your best friends.

Getting Even
Ever heard the phrase “being successful is the best revenge”? That’s your motto when you’ve been hurt. Expect Leo’s A-game when they’ve been dealt a bad hand.

Analyzing Things to Death
Your sign is known for its braininess, but when you’re in pain, it becomes a super power. Over-analyzing may only add to your confusion long-term, though.

Acting Out
Your friends and family have come to expect a certain version of you, but when you’re hurt, you may try on new personas they don’t recognize. Time and healing help you return to the real you.

Your sign loves to keep things inside, and lash out when you’re hurt. When you’re silent, in other words, people better duck and cover before you’re ready to blow.

Running Away
If anyone hurts your sign, you’re history, as your innate need for freedom kicks in. It may be months before you return, depending on how deeply you’ve been wounded.

Picking Fights
Capricorn is one of those signs that doesn’t like to be wrong. So if someone’s hurt you, chances are you’ll dig in for an epic war of words, or even pick a fight.  

Getting Lost in Fantasy
It’s tough for you to access your emotional side, especially when it’s been wounded. Don’t be surprised if you decide to dress up and go to ComicCon instead.

Turning to Your Favorite Vice
Pisces can be a needy sign sometimes, particularly when someone’s hurt you. From chocolate to sex and other addictions, it’s important to channel that energy into something more productive.

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