How To Tap Into the Law Of Abundance In Time For the Holidays

By Gala Darling

On November 13, 2017

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How To Tap Into the Law Of Abundance In Time For the Holidays

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Today, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction may cause us to feel like we have more cash than we actually do. All signs are in a charitable mood today, but before you give or gift, make sure you know what you have. Because of the cosmos today, we thought this was a prime opportunity to circle back to the concept of the law of abundance. Remember: Money itself is not bad. Money is energy, which can be used for bad or good. And the more you respect money’s power, the more you’re able to tap into it to use it for your own life. Here, Gala Darling explains why it’s spiritual to make $$$$. Originally published on June 28, 2017. — editors.

The exchange of money should be seen as an energetic transfer—nothing more, nothing less. And yet we have so much guilt, shame, and pain around the subject! Few areas cause more hand-wringing and sleepless nights. But like anything, we can totally change our relationship to cash if we change our perception of it, and our beliefs around it.

Even if you don’t have much money at the moment, elevating your money mindset is the first step toward attracting the cash you deserve. So…
Here are five reasons why it’s spiritual to make a sh$tload of cash!

1. When you have cash, you can use it to support the causes and businesses you believe in.

When I was in Morocco recently, a group of us were talking about our upper limits around abundance. “I always want to get one of those expensive spa treatments,” one of the women said, “but I just can’t justify it.”

“You shouldn’t need to justify it,” I replied, “because it’s not a selfish act. That money you pay is supporting the owner of the small business and all the women working there, which helps support their families. It’s really the opposite of selfish. You are contributing to their lives in a major way!”

Increasing your income is not just about you. It’s about where you spend, how you spend, and the way it ripples outwards.

2. Money makes you more of who you are.

The people who believe that money makes you a bad person are sadly mistaken. What it really does is act like an amplifier. If you’re normally a kind and generous person, with more cash in your pocket, you will simply be more kind and generous! On the other hand, if you’re mean and miserly, you’ll continue being that way no matter how much money you make!

3. You’re demonstrating that being authentic leads to success, and that inspires others.

Think about all the people you look up to who are able to walk that delicious line of authenticity and cash flow. You know: the people who are doing exactly what they want, and are making money in the process. Seeing someone else do that makes you feel like you can do it too. And nothing is more empowering than that.

4. You’ll open up opportunities for the next generation.

Right now, Beyonce (and Nicki Minaj) are awarding scholarships to promising young women, while Jay Z is bailing men out of prison. Money in your pocket can directly translate to helping the people you always wished you could help. It means you can change the lives of people who don’t have access to the kinds of things you do. Helping others is a universal tenet across all major religions. How could giving freely be a bad thing?

5. You can help create the world you want, as well as a safe haven for people who share your ideals.

If you want to change the world within your lifetime, having money—and therefore, access to resources—is the fastest way to do it. You can create businesses, invest in technology to advance the human race, and provide for those who cannot. Remove any traces of guilt you might feel for wanting to earn a reasonable living. You are actually helping to make the world a better place.

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