How to Manifest What You Want With the Law of Attraction


On May 24, 2017

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How to Manifest What You Want With the Law of Attraction

If you’re a self-help junkie, you’ve probably heard about—or even tried practicing—the art of manifesting what you want. You may have read The Secret or created your own vision board filled with images of your dream future. These tools, components of the Law of Attraction (LOA), can be extremely powerful.
But there’s one crucial thing that most books and articles about manifesting fail to explain: For the Law to work at its highest level, you’ve got to do more than dream. You’ve got to act.
I am a huge advocate of the Law of Attraction. I believe all change begins with the way we think and the way we speak to ourselves and others. If we’re constantly imagining negative outcomes and failures, I do believe that is what we attract. That’s why manifesting what we want starts with positive thinking, believing in ourselves, and embracing love. 
But we also have to create a solid action plan to hold us accountable for those thoughts. Without goals and timelines, all the positive thoughts in the world will mean nothing. So, how do you use the Law of Attraction in your life?
How do you go from cutting out images of glamorous vacations in St. Tropez and visualizing your book as a New York Times bestseller, to actually lying on that beach and seeing your name on that list?


Here are my most tried-and-true tips for styling your mind, getting into action, and designing your life:

Law of Attraction Secret #1: Get super specific about your vision.
You can’t make something happen for yourself if you aren’t crystal clear on your vision. The first step in manifesting what you want is to spend some time thinking about what your ideal outcome is: whether it’s changing careers, getting healthy, or creating your dream business. Then, write down your vision in a journal or notebook so you can refer back to it. For example, if you want to launch your own business, be sure about what you want to do, and who you want to serve. If you want to become a life coach who focuses on helping new moms feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, write it down. The more focused you are, the more successful you will be. 

Law of Attraction Secret #2: Set small weekly goals.
Let’s say you want to change careers. The thought of quitting your boring day job in accounting and getting hired by Anna Wintour may seem daunting. But if you break that big goal down into weekly baby steps, it’s more doable. Maybe during week one, you begin looking around your personal network to see if you know anyone in magazine publishing that you can have coffee with. In week two, you begin using a job search engine each morning to look for openings. In week three, you search for courses or seminars to help you prep for your new industry. Small steps keep us inspired and keep the momentum going. Eventually, they all connect and help us reach our dream.

Law of Attraction Secret #3: Make it a group process.
Tell your partner, your best friend, and your coworker what you’re up to. We have a much higher chance of sticking to our goals when we have someone to check in with and cheer us along. You can even offer to help out and keep that person accountable to their goals. When I decided to take part in my Soul Cycle Studio’s “Turn it Up 20″ experience (riding 20 classes in 30 days), I made sure to tell some of my classmates. The encouragement I received from them was instrumental in achieving that goal, and I truly couldn’t have done it without them. When you surround yourself with supportive people, life changes and you accomplish so much more than you could have imagined!  

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