How to Live the Good Life!


On November 10, 2014

In Astrology, Jupiter, Taurus

How to Live the Good Life!

Taurus the Bull loves all things luxurious in the physical world and has the stubbornness to get and keep them. Jupiter, the king of planets, does everything in a generous and big way. On June 4, 2011, Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus, opening a yearlong window of opportunity for us to overspend and overeat.

Rather than go broke and gain a ton of weight (which will be hard to lose, knowing the persistence of Taurus), there may be other ways to express your love of the good life. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started on this gloriously happy road that lasts until June 11, 2012, when Jupiter moves on and enters the sign of Gemini.

Aries: A material token of your ambition and place in the world might get you through the year in style. Consider a door plaque with your name and title. Think big letters in gold and red. Humor is good. It wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t true.

Taurus: Perhaps you’d like some five-star travel videos. Even the most dedicated couch potato can satisfy some travel lust and enjoy a virtual trip to an exotic, high-class resort in a spectacular corner of the world.

Gemini: Put your voice out into the world in a big way. Think about starting a blog. You already have an eye for trends, fashion, and all of those other things that change so quickly that only a Gemini can keep up. Think of it as a public service.

Cancer: Look online for the recipe to your favorite dish (or something close) from your favorite restaurant. Make it at home, if only once. Share the cooking and eating with a select few and enjoy the learning experience.

Leo: Maybe it’s time for a glamour photo portrait. Frame it. Dazzle the world with your smile. Use it as your icon on social media sites. You will be pleased with the attention you attract.

Virgo: Do you like flowers or aromatic herbs? Grow them in modest quantity or in bulk. Imagine a yard full of lavender and rosemary. If it’s your garden, choose things that thrive on neglect and won’t be labor intensive. Use them for cooking or aromatherapy.

Libra: Are you musical? Join a choir or instrumental group. Share your love of listening to all that harmony in the air. Or indulge once a week and go to a live musical performance.

Scorpio: If you don’t want to buy some black or red silk underwear, you can still imagine how it feels. Or just as intense but in a different way, go for long walks on the beach, in a park, or at night under the stars. You don’t have to hurry.

Sagittarius: Share your love of learning and volunteer a little time with a literacy project. Or curl up on the couch and finally read that one special book you’ve had on hold for years.

Capricorn: Too much luxury might make you uncomfortable, but how about a rug for your work area? Think practical, long lasting, perhaps already old, skillfully crafted, and beautiful. Try estate sales or community flea markets.

Aquarius: Remember those cool new electronic gadgets that cost too much last year or the year before? Price them now. Pick one that you tried to convince yourself you could live without. It may be affordable now. Remember, just one.

Pisces: Live music and fine art feed the soul. Look for these things in your local colleges, high schools, or community groups. These artists and musicians can be every bit as passionate and romantic as your heart desires.

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