Happy Pisces Season! Here’s What to Expect This Month

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On February 19, 2018

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Happy Pisces Season! Here’s What to Expect This Month

Writer C. Luce Christensen shares the meaning behind Pisces season, and how all signs can use it to maximize all elements of their life. 

Pisces season is the time for sensitive dreamers, miracle workers, and healers. With Pisces’s spiritually medicinal properties, the intense revelations that occurred during the harshness of Aquarius season flow into water that can nourish the earth. This is a time for healing, when the collective tears borne by the water-bearer leak out of the jar and back into the rivers and streams that carry us. Like the fish associated with the sign of Pisces, this season encourages us to follow where our dreams take us—even if we feel like we are being pulled in two opposing directions.
In Pisces season, one fish is swimming in the direction of love and the other is swimming in the direction of fear. We get to choose which channel we are going to follow, because Aquarius season has helped us get clear with ourselves. The depth of winter encourages us to go deep within our own thoughts and visions of the future. Aquarius can either be a time of despair at the outer landscape of winter, or a time of hope at visiting and nourishing internal thoughts of spring. Aquarius season taught us that there is so much more to our world than what we see with our own two eyes. With no signs of spring it’s easy to believe that the season will never bloom again. Pisces confirms that our dreams can become reality, as the earth softens and readies itself to nourish and support life again. We know that spring is coming now. We can feel its sweetness in the air.
Just as an eternal spring exists within us and blooms on the surface of the earth, our dreams of love can become reality if we learn how to successfully merge our spiritual world with the material one we have to interact with so our bodies can survive. There’s no point in keeping our beliefs hidden. So many beautiful things in this world exist way out of the limited line of human sight, and we have to speak them into reality. We do this by tapping into the  secret chambers of our hearts, the angelic messages embedded in the visions we dream at night.
The only reason that people hide their beliefs is because of fear: fear that they will be scoffed at, persecuted, or judged harshly. In the worst cases, they hide their beliefs because they intuitively know that they are harmful. Harmful beliefs come from places of fear. This is the dual side of Pisces season, and its felt when dreams become nightmares. You will feel both love and fear during this time. Fear can manifest in feelings of restlessness, inadequacy, or downright paranoia. When we feel fear, we often respond by trying to control more of our world to put up barricades around the places where we might feel pain.
We create pain when we spend our time anticipating that something is going to happen to us. This pain comes from an unhealed past that we bring into our present, in the form of fear. All fear is an illusion. We never actually know how our dreams are going to manifest in our waking life. We have no authority over the spiritual realm, and don’t get to decide the path the universe has set us upon. The path has already been determined to us, and although it looks many different ways to many different people, the only way to move forward is through love.
 Let the fear evaporate off the surface of your emotions during Pisces season. Swim towards the sources of love. Anything else will not serve you, not during this season or any other time of your life. The past cannot hurt you anymore. Fear disguises itself in many forms, but it’s your job to recognize it and avoid it in in favor of love.
In order to get the most out of Pisces season, it’s best to really start getting the most out of your dreams. This can mean the dreams you have of the future as well as the ones you experience at night. In order to remember your dreams better, try meditating for a few minutes before bed. Meditating with a piece of lithium quartz on your forehead for fifteen to twenty minutes before you go to sleep can help open up your third eye and make you more receptive to the messages you receive during dreams. You can also try anointing your eighth chakra, located at the base of your skull behind your ear, with calming essential oils. The eighth chakra is the place where we receive angel messages, which are often communicated to us through dreams.
Keep a journal underneath your pillow so that you will be able to jot down sentences or even whole dreams when you wake up in the middle of the night.
If you don’t remember your dreams at all, experiment with setting an alarm for the early hours. Being woken up out of a dream can make it easier to experience the landscapes you were inhabiting. These are the worlds that exist at the center of your heart.
During Pisces season you are more likely to have dreams that are filled with things that will tell you about your hearts desire. If you had a dream that made you experience feelings of longing or deep love, pay attention to what that communicates to you about your desires. What parts of these visions will help you nourish the aspects of your self that you have been neglecting? Where are your dreams pulling you, and what are they telling you about the nature of love?
Pisces season is the threshold pushing you through the gates of heaven, so that you can finally see that paradise already exists on earth.

— by C. Luce Christensen 

C. Luce Christensen is an Aquarius, writer, and professional Tarot card reader. 

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