Frenemy Signs You Can’t Trust


On February 28, 2017

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Frenemy Signs You Can’t Trust

Ever wonder why you have drama with some friends but not with others? The drama probably has something to do with your sign incompatibility… and often, it is them, not you. So, what signs should you look out for? Read on to find out who your frenemies, or fake friends, are.


Behind your back, your Pisces friend says to others that you can’t take criticism, but if you ever do it to them, they go home crying. Taurus over-think everything, and be prepared to realize their snobbery.


You like to take your time and relish each moment. Well, Sagittarius and Libra are so flighty and fickle, you’ll constantly feel like the only one working at a real relationship.


You are expressive and open, Scorpio is severe and secretive. Bad recipe for friendship. But worst of all is Aquarius, who thinks their weird methods and ideas are far superior to yours. Excuse me? No.


Harsh Aries and critical Virgos have little to offer your sweet, emotional soul. You need a friend who you can depend on and who will give as much as they take. Rams and Virgins – no way, it’s only their way!


You’re silly, Capricorns are dry. You’re fun, they’re not. At least not your idea of fun. But Pisces? You first like them because they’re alluring and polite. But, one little joke and they act like you’re evil.


Big-picture, always wandering Sagittarius will leave you wondering why you are friends in the first place. Throw a too out-there Aquarius into the mix and it’s going to push you to the brink.


Aries is SO impulsive and doesn’t really care about winning the approval of anyway. Way harsh. And a Capricorn thinks they have all the answers and won’t appreciate your objective, people-pleasing ways.


Geminis and Scorpios simply just do not get along because they are always playing mind tricks on each other. The trust isn’t there. Aquarians are fun to gab with but they don’t validate our feelings.


Libras are too busy trying to be all to everyone, and usually change their mind so much it’ll drive you nuts. And Cancers? Much too isolated and meek. You’ll go crazy trying to crack their shell.


Virgos will make you feel fabulous, but that’s superficial. Inside they might be mocking you, telling others your faults. Scorpios make great friends, until one wrongs the other in some way. Then, it gets ugly.


Your offbeat, laid-back approach may come across as insensitive and flighty to overly sensitive, serious Crabs. And if Leos don’t respect your more private lifestyle, they might tell everyone you’re a big bore.


Aries are way too aggressive, loud, and competitive around you, and they think your idealism is naïve. And Geminis? They will never really be there when you need them.

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