This December New Moon Magick Will Guide You Into a Very Bright Future

By Jess Wiggan

On December 7, 2018

In Astrology

This December New Moon Magick Will Guide You Into a Very Bright Future

Are you ready for a December new moon spell? I am! Let's face it, the majority of 2018 has been tough for many with the most of the planets retrograde or clashing with each other. The feeling has caused tension but it has created the friction in your life that is mandatory to support your personal growth. The cracks and pieces of your life that were feeling broken are actually the parts of you that are opening up to create the space for seedlings to be planted and that’s exactly what you will start to witness now—starting with the December new moon in Sagittarius!

Going deep and expanding your horizons

New moons are the catalysts of the zodiac that will work to swing open doors for your behalf and this moon will work to do that for you. This December new moon is the first one since Jupiter—the planet of abundance!—has moved into the sign of Sagittarius so there are extra levels of richness that the cosmos will bring. But first, you’ll need to know what to look for or you may miss it.

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Sagittarius is connected to travel, personal expansion, and adventure! It's one of the fearless pioneers of the zodiac and its job is to push you to discover more through your need to understand your own truth—and not what others have decided for you! It also wants you to understand the mysteries and wonders hidden in the world.

Moving forward with purpose

Mars and Neptune merge at the time of the December new moon and send an assertive shove to get you moving forward with intuitively following paths that normally you would have been afraid or too hesitant to take. Mars rules our action and Neptune connects you to your inner wisdom and the two together will allow you to hear the call of the unknown and to take the first steps forward.

For some of you this may mean starting new classes or areas of study, while others may be taking steps to book travel or journeys into their own personal “unknown.” Spirituality becomes your focus as well as finding out what adventure awaits! Either way, this dream that you have for yourself becomes a reality versus something that you have only previously wished and hoped for!

This December new moon will have you realizing that your experience here on Earth is filled with places to explore. This exploration doesn’t have to mean booking a trip across the globe—although for some that can totally be the case. It’s also exploration of the mind and self through research, or at least through having something shift your perspective and open your eyes.

Karma, fate, and your true north

However this will manifest for you—and it’s different for everyone because we all have different natal charts that will be influenced uniquely by the moon—it's for sure to be destined to be connected to your karma and fate. This is because Mercury (the planet that rules your mind, communication, and messages you hear and see!) is moving slowly through the sign of Scorpio (the sign that brings transformation, purpose, and meaning into your life on deeper levels) and aspects the north node—the point within the chart that lights up the sky to direct you to where you need to go! Think of the north node as your North Star guiding you through even through the most difficult or confusing of times to get to your destiny! It brings hope, healing but sometimes that doesn’t come without a struggle. Keep your eyes on the North Star and you will always be protected!

The north node in this case falls in the sign of sensitive Cancer, which rules the home. For many the home environment represents where we are most comfortable. However, just because it's comfortable, that doesn’t mean you should stay there forever!

Mercury will help to show you the signs through ideas that you have, the things you see (synchronicity, anyone?!). Don’t be afraid to break from your comfort zones, or at to least set the intention for doing so in the future. Remember, even baby steps make a difference!

~*~Sagittarius New Moon Magick~*~

What You'll Need: 
1. Tiger’s eye, citrine, amber, or yellow jasper.
2. Sage or salt.

What You'll Do:
First, cast a circle around you using sage or salt. Ask the higher power to be with you and to bless your space and make it sacred.

Then, hold your chosen crystal, and ask for confidence, self esteem, and for your path to be open and clear to you. All the while, visualize gold energy from the Divine source healing and supporting your sacral chakra as well as transferring this energy to the crystal piece.

Say a blessing over the crystal: “Where I am weak, now I am strong. I have courage and the broken parts of me are filled with seeds of potential for growth and healing! My energy is high, my health is vibrant, and I am thriving! Bless my steps, bless my path, for my highest and greatest good always! So shall it be!”

Carry the piece of crystal or jewelry with you always or as needed.

Jessica Wiggan is the creator of BehatiLife, an online apothecary selling custom, hand-crafted magical blends. Jessica is available for tarot and astrology readings, and also runs an online Tarot school. Find her on Instagram.

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