Daily Horoscope for Friday, January 26

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On January 26, 2018

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Daily Horoscope for Friday, January 26

Today is a good Friday. Maybe it’s even a Friyay! Planetary transits, specifically Mars shifting to Sagittarius, gives us a fresh perspective that may have eluded us yesterday. In addition, the moon moves from easygoing Taurus to action-oriented Gemini. Expect plans to change on a dime, and expect this evening (and the rest of the weekend) to be one of those dance-til-dawn-sleep-all-day weekends. In short, the planetary aspects are handing you an epic adventure. Are you ready for it?  Here, what else to expect for all star signs for Friday, January 26. 

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Aries Daily Horoscope
Mars pushes you to live life to the maximum, as it transitions through your adventure sector, where it will remain unil mid March. During this time, you’re constantly breaking barriers, bending rules, and living life on your terms. You may find yourself getting in trouble with authority, but in general, your do it now, ask permission later strategy serves you well. Just make sure you know the consequences of your actions. 

Taurus Daily Horoscope 
Mars enters your relationship sector, and be prepared for some storms. The good news: Whatever emerges are things that you needed to approach sooner rather than later. The bad news: Conflict is never fun. Try to get through whatever is thrown your way by using honesty as your ally. And remember, no matter how tight your bond with your partner may be, you both are not an island. Reaching out to others, like a family member or trusted friend, may give the perspective you need. 

Gemini Daily Horoscope     
Mars moves into your partnership sector, and cooperation and coworking gets a boost. This is a good time to focus on the good of the team, not just yourself, and negotiations and compromises may be very important today. You don’t need to “win” to get ahead, Gemini! 

Cancer Daily Horoscope
You’ve been focused on love, Cancer, but that ends this week. Love is still important, but as Mars shifts into your career sector, work needs your attention, stat. Work may be stressful, and you may need to step up and stand up for yourself in a way that makes you uncomfortable. The good news: Discomfort can help you grow. Take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and stand up for yourself. It’s time.  

Leo Daily Horoscope
Until mid-March, the behavior of Mars in Saggitarius amplifies everything, both good and bad. A word of advice: Make the decision today to spend the next few weeks committed to the good. The more you focus on friendship, creation, ingenuity, and love, the better position you’ll be in. Arguments may be amplified today, but try as best you can to tune out the noise. You can do it!  

Virgo Daily Horoscope
Fiery Mars brings conflicts to your home sector. Today is a good day to get ahead and make sure everything is squared away on your home. Make sure all the paperwork for your renters or owners insurance is in place, for example. Conflicts may also arise with family members. Conversations in real life are best; it may be time to put a Do Not Disturb on your WhatsApp family group and only connect on your time and terms. Prevention is everything today. 

Libra Daily Horoscope
Mars in your communication center cranks up your confidence. This is a great time to put yourself out there. Have a job interview, send a scary networking email, flirt with someone cute in line in front of you. The sky’s the limit, but you’re the one who must take the lead first! You have an important voice. Use it.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
As Mars exits your sign, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s not as if the pressure is off, exactly, but you may have more balance in your life. Some new experiences or oppurtunities can help you expand your horizons, and Mars in your resource sector gives you the motivation and path to follow what you want. It’s time to connect unusual dots; you may find, for example, that work is willing to help you pay for a dream course or class. All you have to do is ask. 

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Mars is in your sign, so get ready to buckle up for some drama. You’ve spent the last month doing a lot of thinking. Now’s the time to translate that to action. Impatience is your enemy. Recognize that it’s not all on your timeline. The more you can compromise, and the more you can trust that everything will work out, the better. In the meantime, channel all that fiery energy into one or two self-improvement projects; it’s a great time to make your dreams a reality! 

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
This is a time of thinking, remembering, and planning for the spring. You may feel in deep hibernation mode, and that’s okay, Capricorn. You don’t need to go full speed ahead. It’s okay to just live and be. Take the time to breathe. A meditation or yoga practice could be incredibly helpful in these few weeks. For the weekend, focus on what you want. You might feel like cancelling plans and that is okay! Be true to yourself. 

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 
Mars cranks up your ambition, but your lesson for the next few weeks is how to work in a team. This weekend is a great one for relaxing, reconnecting, and focusing on multiple parts of your life. You can sometimes put different parts of your life in different boxes, today is a good day to blur some boundaries. You’ll feel happier, more energized, and may be able to connect dots you weren’t seeing earlier. 

Pisces Daily Horoscope
It’s the month before your birthday, and Mars is making you feel extra impatient. You want what you want, and you want it now! Today is all about patience. Focus on friendships and make plans just for fun without any ulterior motives or plans for how it will help you get ahead. There’s a time for ambition, and there’s a time for enjoying the moment. Find the balance. 

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