Daily Horoscope for Friday, February 2

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On February 2, 2018

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Daily Horoscope for Friday, February 2

The Virgo moon helps us all get back down to business and settle into a routine. It’s a good day to tie up loose ends and enter the weekend unencumbered. A Venus and Saturn semi-square may blow problems out of proportion. Try to rise above the drama. You can only do so much, and getting panicked about details won’t solve the issue. A lot may blow over during the weekend. React to facts, not panic. Here, daily horoscopes for all star signs for Friday, February 2.

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Aries Daily Horoscope
An alignment between Mercury and Mars crosses your social sector. While your social life is busy this weekend, pay attention to individual connections and ties. Going beyond the superficial with an acquaintance is worth it. You may need to get more vulnerable than you’re used to being. 

Taurus Daily Horoscope 
The moon aligns with Neptune and it’s daydream city. Don’t get annoyed when your mind wanders—it may lead you exactly where you need to be. Invites may pop up. Don’t think twice. Say yes and trust you’ll deal with the details later. 

Gemini Daily Horoscope     
Life feels big, bold, expansive, and like the sky is the limit. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Spilling news or spending money may backfire. When the time is right, you’ll know. 

Cancer Daily Horoscope
Romance can blossom as Venus angles to Jupiter, but the moon and Neptune may cause some drama, especially when it comes to love. Your expectations may complicate things; try to just be in the moment and go with the flow. Don’t ask for promises the other person doesn’t want to make. 

Leo Daily Horoscope
Mercury and Mars unite for a fun weekend. Beware. You may let the fun go too far, or you may feel caught up in a cycle of hedonism. Tempering the weekend with some workouts, some chores, and other life maintenance stuff will make Monday so much more pleasant when it comes. 

Virgo Daily Horoscope
A lot of people are asking for help, and not respecting your time or boundaries. You have a lot to do over the upcoming days and it’s time to triage, prioritize, and perform. Saying no does not mean you’re not a good friend or partner. 

Libra Daily Horoscope
Money is an issue, Libra. Jupiter and Venus align and you want to have a fun, indulgent weekend. But you may not have as much liquid cash as you think you have. Auditing your finances and potentially scaling back (while still having fun!) could lead to a lot less stress in the weeks ahead. 

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Your career has been on fire lately, and you have big plans for the future, but when have you made plans for yourself? It’s time for some self care and self indulgence, and it’s time to do something you enjoy without worrying about whether or how it will help you get ahead. Relaxation can help you go get whatever you desire. 

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Career is important today, but you may find family pulling you in a different direction. You may need to negotiate but you can get everything you want and deserve. Getting input from others can help you decide the best course of action. 

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
The Virgo moon urges truth over feelings, especially in a sticky situation. Your knee-jerk reaction may be to protect someone else, but sticking to the facts, devoid of emotion, will be better for everyone in the long run. 

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 
Mercury and Mars add some positive energy to your day. You’re feeling lighter and more certain than you have been. Take advantage of this positive energy and go out tonight. Focus on the fun, and you’ll find the meaning from there. 

Pisces Daily Horoscope
You may feel a bit like hibernating, and that’s okay, Pisces. The world may feel like it’s spinning without you, but a bit of seclusion and introversion can be a powerful tool these next few days. You’re doing some major mental work, give it the time and space to unfold. 

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