Daily Horoscope for December 27

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On December 27, 2017

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Daily Horoscope for December 27

The Moon in Aries has you buckling down, whether you want to or not. Even though today may be busier than all signs anticipated, a Mars-Neptune trine forming tomorrow already lends a dreamy cast to the day. It's a kiss-in-the-snow, look-up-at-the-moon kind of day and night, and can be incredibly magical if you play your cards right. Here, what else to expect for your daily star sign horoscope for Wednesday, December 26.

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Aries Daily Horoscope
The moon is still in your sign, and Rams may be itching to get things done and annoyed that not everyone is on the same timetable as they are. Patience, deep breaths, and plenty of time to look up at the sky (and the moon!) are in order for today. It's a great time to truly tune into the rhythm of the seasons. Be like the animals: Get out and about and get things done during the day, and snuggle down under the covers when the sky gets dark. 

Taurus Daily Horoscope 
Stop and admire the view, Bulls. A Mars-Neptune trine building for tomorrow asks you to suspend disbelief and go with the flow. You always ask why. Today is all about why not

Gemini Daily Horoscope      
You're feeling a buildup of emotions as the full moon in Cancer on January 1st is around the corner. Let your emotions out, otherwise, an explosive buildup may occur. 

Cancer Daily Horoscope
A Cancer full moon is around the corner, and you may be either having the best or worst week of your life this week. There's no room for in betweens. Ride the emotion rollercoaster and be kind to yourself. It's not a week to make major decisions. 

Leo Daily Horoscope
Your confidence has recently taken a hit, and Neptune urges you to turn inward and reflect a bit. You'll be back to your usual form in no time, but know that downtime is key for rediscovering who you are. You may be stressed about New Year's plans (or lack thereof) but know that no plans may be the best plan. 

Virgo Daily Horoscope
You're feeling extra romantic, Virgo, but may be conflicted: Work or pleasure? Go with your gut. It's a break-the-rules and reap the rewards kind of day for you. 

Libra Daily Horoscope
Libra is feeling exhausted, run down, and may be feeling like they're shouldering too much of a burden. Add an ambitious Aries full moon, and projects you agreed to weeks ago need attention. Put yourself first. A one hour break followed by a work session will be so much better than trying to plow your way through. 

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
You're still in full #chillax mode today, Scorpio, and it's doing you well! You may feel like you “should” be doing more. If you must, add a creative or journaling session to your to-do list, but any productivity should be as you-centered as possible. 

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
You may have a quiet confidence today, Sags. It's well earned. You can do or get anything you want today, Sags. Go for it. Resist the urge to put things off, today is a day where truly digging in and crossing things off the to-do list pays off in a big way. 

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
You're extra daring today, Caps. Work with your ambition, and plot out—in your matter-of-fact, Capricorn way—how you'll get what you want. You've got this. 

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 
The moon in your communications sector may make you feel like you're playing a game of telephone—relaying he-said, she-said messages between acquaintances. Your diplomacy shines through, but take note of how being the middleman makes you feel. That energy may be better served on your own projects. 

Pisces Daily Horoscope
You're ready to let go and it feels so good. You've been engaged in competition with someone, but it hasn't made you your best. From now on, the only person whose moves matter are your own. 

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