Clues You Aren’t Living Up to Your Potential


On March 14, 2017

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Clues You Aren’t Living Up to Your Potential

We all want to succeed at the highest levels. But sometimes, we just don’t cut it. Each sign has a unique way of not living up to its potential. Check to see what yours is…  
Being Too Aggressive
Your trademark direct style can often get you where you want to be in life. Just make sure you’re not being so aggressive that you’re turning people off in the process.
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Taking Too Much Time
You like to take things slow and steady. But taking too much time may have others believing you’re not interested. Try to find balance between the two.
Being Indecisive
You’re so good at weighing both sides of everything that you may forget to make a decision once in a while. You achieve your purpose through making bold decisions.
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Never Taking Risks
Your sign loves things comfy-cozy, but you may find that you miss out on amazing opportunities if you hide out. New experiences lie just outside the front door.
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Being Too Demanding
You love your attention, Leo, but sometimes you need to learn how to share the spotlight. No one can take away from your brilliance. Sharing shows how confident you really are.
Shutting People Out
Your sign loves to feel that everything’s in its place. But if you shut people out in order to achieve this, you’re defeating the purpose. Learn to accept change as it occurs.
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Feeling Overwhelmed
The toughest thing for a Libra native is to feel out of balance or overwhelmed. If this is you, try not to worry too much. Expressing yourself artistically will help you de-stress.
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Feeling Angry
Scorpios can be a little testy if they feel boxed in. If you’re feeling angry, chances are you need to get out of a relationship or job situation, or make a significant change.
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Feeling Trapped
Sag natives can’t stand losing their freedom, so if you want to achieve your potential, avoid situations that make you feel trapped. You perform better knowing you can change things if you need to.
Being Too Harsh
Your sign likes things done the right way, and you adhere to tradition like no one else. But being too harsh with others may not pay off for you. Learn to live and let live for best results.
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Getting Lost in Theories
It’s no secret that Aquarians love to think. But if you spend all day theorizing, you never see how something works in real life. Sometimes, it’s good to rely on the tried-and-true method.
Forgetting About Boundaries
You love to melt into your partner when you’re in love, but forgetting about healthy boundaries can be your downfall. Maintaining your independence helps you achieve your potential.
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