10 Ways To Make Your Life Even More Magical

By Virginia Mason

On November 6, 2017

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10 Ways To Make Your Life Even More Magical

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You exist against incredible odds in a universe that’s origins, existence, and continued evolution remain a mystery. Everything is something we don’t wholly understand. Everything is magic.
But the magic stops when you forget. It stops when you start believing that you’ve got it all figured out. When you go through your day-to-day existence, waking with your alarm, checking off your to-dos, and striving for a life that resembles the one you were taught you should want.

The magic starts when you realize that it never stopped. When you remember who you are and reconnect with the magic inside you and all around you.

So keep connecting, keep remembering, and keep the magic going each and every day.

Keep your phone away from your bed.
Is your phone the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night? If so, turn it to do not disturb, and move that baby away from your bed! Because it’s not an actual baby. It does not need you to wake every time it makes a sound. It does not need you to check on it with every waking breath. Give yourself time to exist without the nagging sound of alerts and the nagging mental chatter of wondering how many likes you just got. Whatever updates are waiting can keep on waiting. They aren’t going anywhere. So put your phone in your closet or in the kitchen or on another floor in your house – anywhere you won’t want to walk to once you’re in bed. This is a hard habit to break. Invest in a good old fashioned alarm clock, and breathe through the temptation to run to your phone as soon as it’s out of reach. Make the moments before sleep, during the night, and first thing in the morning phone-free and all yours. Soon, you’ll remember what it feels like to be by yourself again. This is important.

Journal your dreams.
When you sleep, you venture into an altered state of existence. Over the course of the average lifetime, this adds up to twenty-six years worth of experiences. Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Sometimes they’re more. The REM brain state of dreams is ideal for having premonitions and receiving information about the world and the people in your life. Keep track of your dreams to learn to the difference between just dreams and something more. You can keep a dream journal in a dedicated notebook or on your computer or on a tissue. It doesn’t matter where you write it. Just write it. Here’s how: as you’re waking up, don’t rush to open your eyes. Keep them closed and try to hold your dream in your mind. Maybe you only remember one tiny detail. Whatever it is, write it down, and notice how writing just one detail often helps you remember even more. Don’t worry about whether you’re writing it correctly. Write it however it comes to your mind. Notice any imagery and themes that arise. Notice how they make you feel, and notice if anything comes true.

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Dance yourself awake.
Music is the ultimate mood booster. No matter how you feel in the morning, the moment you turn the volume up on one of your favorite songs, it’s hard to keep your body from moving to the beat. So let it move. Let it move however the hell it wants to move. Turn the volume up even further. Drop whatever you’re doing and let the music completely overtake you. Dance like no one’s watching. Sing if you want to sing. Give yourself at least one song to just totally let loose. Not only does get your blood flowing, it gets your soul flowing. By fully expressing yourself this way first thing in the morning, you set the tone for the rest of the day and the rest of your life. You encourage yourself to show up authentically. To live bravely and boldly. This is what you need. This is what the world needs. The world needs you to be the version of yourself when you’re dancing your heart out and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Pull a card.
Use tarot or oracle cards to commune with the universe. Take a few minutes each day to pull just one card. Through this, you strengthen your connection to the universe and train yourself to notice signs. You’ll start to see patterns, and you’ll realize that there’s a conversation happening all around you. A conversation you and the universe have been having all your life. Maybe you forgot, or maybe you simply stopped actively participating in the conversation. But this daily ritual helps keep you engaged. Tarot requires practice to interpret, but oracle decks are great because they often have the message written directly on them. If you’re new to cards, get yourself an oracle deck. If you want to work with tarot and don’t have a deck, ask the universe to send you one. You have to really want it in order to receive it, and trusting that it will come is a great way to reconnect with the great conversation.

Get outside and go for a walk.
Take yourself for a walk each and every day. It doesn’t have to be long a walk. It can last just a few minutes, but getting outside will get you out of your head. Too often we go about our lives thinking about what’s coming next, and we act with purpose, working toward our goals. But it’s important to slow down and let yourself move through the world without an agenda. By doing this, you free yourself from the grind. This helps you remember just how free you truly are. While you’re walking, notice everything around you. Notice how the same old sights actually change. Notice the random things on the ground. The people on the street. The animals. The plants. The sounds. Feel every sense heighten. Feel how you want to move when you have nowhere in particular to go. Uncover what the universe wants to show you. Who it wants you to meet. What it wants you to see. Pay attention. The conversation is happening.

Talk to plants and animals.
The universe includes everything. All the matter. All the stuff. All the billions of galaxies. And the energy animating you and me and everyone is also bringing life to every plant and animal. Connecting to them helps you remember that we’re all connected. You may feel silly talking to plants and animals. You may think they don’t understand, but just because they don’t know your language doesn’t mean they lack understanding. When you use your words, you communicate with the timber of your voice and the movement of your body, and as you connect more deeply with all living things, you’ll come to see how they’re also communicating with you. Some of them will want nothing to do with you. Others will embrace you with excitement. By strengthening your connection to plants and animals, you strengthen your connection to everything, and you gain a greater appreciation for your role in the whole wide world.

Make your space smell good.
Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It sends information directly to your brain, alerting you to danger and returning memories to your mind. Use this to your advantage by making your space smell good. You can spread scents throughout your home with incenses or by burning sacred herbs like sage. You can also use essential oils in a diffuser to spread your favorite scent throughout your space. Select the scent that will give you whatever it is you want help with. Want to relax? Go for lavender or earthy scents. Want to wake up? Try peppermint or citrus scents. Want to feel regal? Go for rose. But ultimately choose what you like best. Notice how different scents make you feel. And for even easier smell boosts, hang eucalyptus over your showerhead or just boil some cinnamon sticks on the stove. You’ll be smelling the effects in no time.

Meditate while doing the dishes.
You don’t have to sit on a cushion to meditate. You can meditate while doing the dishes. You can meditate while riding the subway, while waiting in line, or while showering. You can pretty much turn anything into a meditation, and meditation can turn any mundane moment magical. If you’re ever feeling bored, just switch your mind meditation mode. Everyone can do this. This is how: slow down and breathe. Focus your attention on your breath. Focus your attention on your body and any movement you’re making. If you’re washing the dishes, feel the dishes in your hands, feel the soap suds, feel the water. Tune into your physical senses in the moment rather than thinking about other moments in your mind. It’s okay to start thinking about things. Just let the thoughts keep on moving as you return your attention to your body. By bringing meditation into your life, you will rewire your brain to strengthen your connection to the present moment and the true nature of reality. This is where magic lives.

Turn off the lights.
Electric lighting disconnects us from the natural cycle of day and night. It disconnects us from nature and the universe. So one hour before bed, turn off all your electric lights and opt for candles instead. By keeping your space darker, it’ll be easier to get a good night’s sleep. It’ll also add some magic and romance to every evening. You can live by the light of a fireplace or play with placing candles throughout your home or try a scented candle for another easy way to work with smell. Keep one candle on your nightstand, and every night before you go to sleep, make a wish as you blow it out. If you’re worried about candles because you have a bunch of cats or something, opt for firefly lights instead. You can hang them from your ceiling or around your windows, and they won’t emit nearly as much light as overhead fixtures or lamps. Get to know the darkness and become comfortable in it.

Massage your hands and feet.
With your lights turned out and candles (or fireflies) burning, wash your feet. You can do this in the bathroom, but there’s something extra special about doing it right before you lift your feet onto your bed. Keep your favorite relaxing aromatherapy oil nearby, and while sitting on your bed, use a damp cloth or all natural baby wipe to wash the soles of your feet. With your feet all clean, get into bed. Place some oil in your hands. Use this to massage your feet and hands. Take your time and treat these with love. Get the spaces between your fingers and your toes and around your wrists and ankles. Maybe move up your calves and up your forearms. Move wherever your body seems like it could use some extra care. Your hands and feet work so hard every day to keep you going. You’re using them constantly. Now’s your time to treat yourself, to love yourself, and to say thank you.

Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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