Year of the Tiger Facts


Element: Wood

Direction: East-North-East

Season: Spring

Month: February

Polarity: Yang

Gemstone: Sapphire

Lucky Number: 7

Color: Purple

Allies: Horse, Dog

Foes: Monkey

Western Analog: Aquarius

Energetic and exciting Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Complicated Tigers will keep you guessing. They are lively, kind, generous, and funny. They can also be willfully independent, impulsive, vain, and sometimes remarkably selfish.

Tiger's vivaciousness and "never-say-die" attitude make them inspiring friends and a favorite at any social occasion. They love being active and trying new things. Risk is not an issue. Tiger will give their all to anything that inspires their passionate nature.

Tigers can be surprisingly suspicious and impatient. They will run in one direction one day and then become stalled and indecisive the next. When they feel disrespected, a Tiger can be truly mean and even seek revenge. Tigers need to shine and hate being ignored.

Tigers are romantic. They are the most charming of partners, who do best with someone more down-to-earth and realistic. They will often be particularly fond of and generous with pets and children.

The life of a Tiger person is never dull. There is always some new adventure just ahead. Their powerful emotions trigger equally powerful reactions. Although often blind to their obvious faults, temperamental Tigers never lose their optimism and love of life.


Passionate, vigorous, enthusiastic, bold, sociable, energetic, optimist.


Restless, reckless, impulsive, impatient, hotheaded, vain, disobedient.

    Yearly elements

  • 02/08/1902 to 01/28/1903 - WATER
  • 01/26/1914 to 02/13/1915 - WOOD
  • 02/13/1926 to 02/01/1927 - FIRE
  • 01/31/1938 to 02/18/1939 - EARTH
  • 02/17/1950 to 02/05/1951 - METAL
  • 02/05/1962 to 01/24/1963 - WATER
  • 01/23/1974 to 02/10/1975 - WOOD
  • 02/09/1986 to 01/28/1987 - FIRE
  • 01/28/1998 to 02/15/1999 - EARTH
  • 02/14/2010 to 02/02/2011 - METAL
  • 02/01/2022 to 01/21/2023 - WATER