Virgo 2024 Horoscope

Your precise, often critical perspective on life comes from being ruled by smart, logical Mercury, and you prefer things to be as predictable as possible. However, Virgo, with teacher Saturn moving through ethereal Pisces, your zodiac opposite and your relationship zone, this year, you won’t be able to count on those predictable interactions that you’ve come to value and rely on as part of your everyday routine.

An emotional new moon arrives in empathetic Pisces early in March, lighting up the same compassionate area of your chart that Saturn is transiting, and your attitude toward your close personal relationships softens. This sensitive, forgiving energy makes keeping the peace and avoiding confrontation your top priorities, which should quiet any tendency to serve up harsh criticism. Because you’re much more fair-minded now, you make an excellent mediator for family squabbles or an excellent sounding board for friends or coworkers and their troubles.

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Mercury is your cosmic ruler, so its notoriously turbulent retrograde cycles can hit you a little harder than they do other signs. Because of this, health issues could arise during these periods (April 1–25, August 4–28, and November 25–December 15), because Mercury retro cycles can cause mental stress that shows up in the form of headaches, migraines, stomach issues, and more. The one in August briefly passes through your grounded sign, though, so you might be able to deal with that one slightly better than the others.

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