Aquarius 2024 Horoscope

Aquarius, as driven outer planet Saturn is accompanied by Pisces this year, the spotlight is on your money house, giving you the opportunity to focus on your sense of self-worth and finances. Getting more serious and organized in these areas of your life is your main goal in 2024, and while your airy, rebellious sign likes to get extreme, a “back to basics” approach pays off better than trying to be overly creative now.

To back up that sentiment, we notice that your innovative home planet Uranus is being influenced by grounded Taurus again this year, which promotes changes in small increments. Your patience will be required whenever you make an attempt to take a few steps forward, because while this earthy energy is a positive influence, it doesn’t move quickly.

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And speaking of slowdowns, the retrograde cycle of Uranus is from the beginning of September through the end of the year, giving you some important introspective time to think about what’s happened in the year until now and rethink where you might have gone wrong or would have done things differently. You’re very good at finding offbeat, different ways of doing things, but your patience is still required. Slow and steady wins the race this year.

There’s a full moon cycle in your unique sign in August to take note of, mainly because of its link to natural endings. You aren’t a clingy or overly emotional sign, so the finality of things that end during this lunation probably won’t bother you, especially not over the long term. Focusing more on what you gained than what you lost is what gets you through this potentially stressful time without regret or lingering pain.

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