There is positive energy for Snake natives in the year of the wood Dragon. You’re quite popular this year, and it’s easy to meet new friends. You could find a charming love relationship or enjoy more harmony with your current partner. Income sources look steady, and you might work behind the scenes on a side business or potentially profitable investments. There will be new opportunities to consider, but you can take your time. You’ll want to see how things play out before risking your time or resources.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The year 2024 is the twelfth year of your twelve-year cycle. If you think of the twelve-year cycle as a year on the farm, this is the end of winter. It’s a year of planning. It’s not quite time to be putting seeds into the frozen ground, but this is when you might start delicate seeds in a sheltered environment. Snake, this means you could be designing, plotting, calculating, and formulating your plans and systems. It’s a time to test the market so you have everything ready to launch in 2025, your year.

This year, there is a great deal of focus on resources, investments, and passive income sources. You could develop the framework to receive more money over the long term. Snake, you can also find helpful people to show you the ropes. Don’t follow the usual path that so many do. Look for the road less traveled. Incorporate new technologies and consider new ways of doing things, and this could be a very good year for you.


The year of the wood Dragon is a year of connections for Snake natives. You are in high demand, and this means that whether you’re looking for love or you want to strengthen your existing relationship, there is positive energy heading your way.

If you’re looking for love, you might want to consider revisiting the past. This means attending school reunions, returning to your favorite coffee shop, and reaching out to people you once knew, even if you never dated them before.

If you’re already in a love relationship, there’s more harmony between the two of you. You are more in sync now. Even if your goals are not exactly the same, Snake, the journey has both of you heading in the same general direction. There’s more support between the two of you.

Around the beginning of May 2024, some external challenges could bring you and your partner closer together. You might unite to help a family member or a friend in need. If you’re looking for love, you could be attracted to more than one person. This might lead you to contemplate whether you should let go of one person to pursue the other.

Around the beginning of October 2024, you and your partner might have a serious discussion about the future. You could align your thoughts on financial matters, such as saving for a house or planning to move across the country in the next few years. If you’re in a new relationship, Snake, this can be a challenging time as you learn to adapt to each other’s specific needs and desires.

Family & Friends

There is good energy for Snake natives when it comes to friends and family during the year of the wood Dragon. You can be very close with people this year. It’s like you’re leaning on each other, intuitively knowing when someone close needs help. But this is also a good time to plan together and envision a great future. This year, Snake, you can inspire each other.

When it comes to family, there might be talk of moving this year, but you are probably staying put. And this means you might make some minor renovations on the house. Snake, if you’re single, you might change roommates, and you might even get more than one pet this year.

When it comes to friendships, you could reconnect with some people from your past. You might meet up with someone you haven’t seen since grammar school or who was in scouts with you. A friend could move back to your area, and now you can see each other often.

Toward the beginning of June, a family member might receive some important recognition. They could win an award, publish a book, be on TV, or win a big prize. Snake, a celebration could follow, and you might be the host of that event.

Toward the end of December 2024, you might gather with a few family members and friends to consider entering an investment or business together. Snake, you might be pooling your money and using your skills to take a calculated risk.


The biggest challenge Snake natives might face in your career during the year of the wood Dragon is boredom. Your position might be secure, and your company might be running smoothly, but you could be yearning for something more. This year, Snake, it’s important to define what a fulfilling job looks like, then you’ll be able to point yourself in that direction.

As you approach the beginning of April 2024, an exciting new opportunity could arise. If this is related to your business, it might be an order that’s larger than you can fill. Or it could be a job opportunity that involves travel or working in a remote office.

Around the end of September 2024, you might be called upon to take the lead. This could entail leading company meetings or overseeing a significant project. You’ll have increased responsibilities and might need to put in more hours than usual. Snake, this is your time to shine and showcase your abilities.


Snake natives have promising financial prospects in the year of the wood Dragon when you stick to familiar territory and reliable sources of income. While the world might be hyping up the latest and greatest investment opportunities, it would be wise for you to exercise caution. Snake, you can find gains with low risk this year.

Around the beginning of June 2024, a fantastic financial opportunity might arise for you. This could ignite your imagination with possibilities. However, it’s important that you not undertake this venture alone. Find someone who has experience in this specific type of investment or business who can serve as your guide.

Toward the beginning of October 2024, be cautious about investment opportunities that come with substantial upfront fees. With some time and thorough investigation, you can discover moneymaking methods that strike a nice balance between safety and return. Snake, look for new investments that follow traditional approaches rather than traditional investments presented in a new way.