The year of the wood Dragon will be a better year for Rabbit natives. There will still be a lot of changes this year, but you’re ready for them. These are the changes you’ve been asking for, and you’ll have help along the way. There’s good energy for meeting new friends and finding a new romantic relationship. Some changes at your job could lead to a better position and possibly a salary increase. While life outside might be moving at breakneck speed, you can move at your own pace this year.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The year 2024 is the second year of your twelve-year cycle. If you think of the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the middle of spring. Rabbit, the more new seeds you plant in the form of trying new things, starting new projects, and meeting new people, the larger your harvest will be in a few years. It will be difficult to tell just yet which of these endeavors is going to lead to success, so it’s important to try many things this year.

Changes in your company could lead to a new position for you, or you might start a business this year. Your reputation is strong, and you can attract helpful people to you. There’s a great deal of focus on connections of all types. You can find friends, helpful colleagues, mentors, teachers, and those who will open doors for you. Overall, Rabbit, the year of the wood Dragon is when you can make some real headway.


After the challenges of the previous year, the year of the wood Dragon brings smoother sailing ahead when it comes to relationships. Rabbit, you can find yourself in harmony with the energy.

If you’re looking for love, you’re more inclined to meet someone when you’re doing something new. This could involve a group of like-minded people. Rabbit, you might get involved with a charity or community organization in which you can work alongside others. Also, a friend might arrange for you to meet someone you find quite spectacular.

If you’re already in a love relationship, you’ll feel closer as a couple as the energy settles down this year. Rabbit natives might have weathered quite a storm last year, and now there is a greater sense of togetherness and gratitude between the two of you.

Around early June 2024, the two of you might want to do something fun and adventurous. This could be a trip to a place you’ve never been to before. If you’re looking for love, you might go out with someone who isn’t necessarily your “type” but surprises and impresses you nonetheless.

In early October 2024, your relationship might go through a challenging time. It’s possible that your partner is going through a job change or facing some other stressful situation. You’ll naturally provide support, and they might lean on you heavily. If you’re looking for love, you might feel some frustration with the types of dates you’re going on. However, Rabbit, this is a time to persevere and stay committed. Love might be closer than you think.

Family & Friends

The year of the wood Dragon is a much better year for Rabbit natives, especially in the area of friends and family. While there are still a lot of changes going on in your life, your family is more supportive this year, understanding the stress you’ve been going through and ready to help. And friends are around with laughter and suggestions for fun activities.

When it comes to family, if you moved last year, you’ll be more settled this year. But if you didn’t move, you could be moving this year. And while that might feel somewhat disruptive at the beginning of the process, Rabbit, it can actually bring the family closer together.

When it comes to friendships, a friend might move much closer to you in 2024, and this could make your connection much stronger. They will be more available to help you, and you might watch each other’s kids. Rabbit, a friendship could become so close that this person feels like family.

At the beginning of April, there could be a big change at home. You might need to do some repairs or renovation. You might move, or an older child could come back to live with you. If you’re single, you might get a roommate.

Toward the end of September 2024, a friend might ask you to do business with them or go on a trip together. It looks like they will be covering most of the expenses for this adventure, Rabbit, so you might find that it fits right into your schedule.


If you didn’t change jobs last year, there’s a possibility that Rabbit natives will be changing jobs or transitioning within your current company during the year of the wood Dragon. You’re likely to be working alongside new colleagues, leaving behind any difficulties with past coworkers. However, you’ll also need to adapt to new procedures and potentially understand a new corporate culture.

Around the beginning of May 2024, you might be chosen for an important role in a highly visible project in your department. If you’re involved in business ventures, your reputation could be elevated through increased subscriber numbers and social media exposure or by collaborating with someone who has a substantial mailing list.

By the end of December 2024, you might contemplate discontinuing a side business or transitioning from your own business back into the corporate world. This year brings changes, Rabbit, prompting you to evaluate the results you’ve achieved from your efforts. It’s a time when you’re making sound judgment calls.


In the year of the wood Dragon, there are moderate improvements in your finances, and uncertain revenue sources can stabilize. Your investments might show small increases, and a side business could start generating profits. Rabbit, this is a good year to consider making small changes to maximize the flow of money.

At the beginning of April 2024, there could be fluctuations in the world marketplace. If you’re already invested, it might be wise to hold on because prices will rebalance later on. However, if you have cash available to invest, there could be some highly promising opportunities that you can acquire at a discount.

By the end of January 2025, you’re likely experiencing the benefits of your diversified portfolio. Maintaining a variety of different types of investments that perform well regardless of the state of the economy will be advantageous during this time. Additionally, Rabbit, you might anticipate a financial windfall from the company you work for.