There could be some peaks and valleys during the year of the wood Dragon for Goat natives, because this year’s energy is quite different from your own. You might have people pulling you in different directions with bold offers and wild schemes, but you’ll find it best to stay on the familiar path. You might spend more time with family members and longtime friends. Changes at your job could bring opportunities to move up the career ladder. And keeping an eye on your finances will help you gather profits when they become available.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The year 2024 is the tenth year of your twelve-year cycle. If you think of the twelve-year cycle as a year on the farm, this is the beginning of winter. This year, you might get the first rest you’ve had in a while. You could take a vacation or sabbatical. Goat, you might find that you’re more thoughtful about your resources. It’s good to enjoy what you have rather than constantly seek more. You can also leverage your talents and experience to gain opportunities for yourself and your family.

This year, you might be focused on your health and well-being. You could engage in more exercise, change your eating habits, or hire a personal trainer. You have better routines this year and improved systems for being productive. Goat, you can be quite active in sports, leisure activities, and hobbies, and you might take up cycling, dancing, or horseback riding. You might spend more time outside hiking or camping in nature. Overall, the year of the wood Dragon brings some challenges as well as some real wins.


There is mixed energy in the area of relationships for Goat natives in the year of the wood Dragon. You might be surrounded by people who are interested in you, but you’re too busy to notice. Alternatively, you might be trying to support your partner, but they’re distracted by obligations in their own life.

If you’re looking for love, meeting someone might be the easy part. However, it could be more difficult to coordinate schedules and see each other regularly. It’s possible they live a long distance away, and this can make it inconveniently challenging to maintain a close connection.

If you’re already in a love relationship, you might find that your association falls back into old patterns. The solution is to bring mindfulness back into your bond on a daily basis. However, it can be challenging to stay present and engaged when you’re busy.

At the beginning of April 2024, there could be an exciting opportunity for the two of you to explore together as a couple. This might involve a business venture or expanding your family. Goat, by facing these challenges together, you can strengthen your relationship. If you’re looking for love, you might meet someone who sparks excitement and interest in you.

Toward the end of January 2025, the two of you might need to make an important decision and reach an agreement. This could require some negotiation to make sure that you’re both on the same page. If you’re dating someone new, there might be challenges related to assumptions or taking each other for granted.

Family & Friends

Goat, there’s some good energy when it comes to friends and family in the year of the wood Dragon. There will be some high points, celebrations of exciting news, and possibly the birth of a child in the family. In fact, there will be many situations at home and with friends that turn out better than you expect.

When it comes to family, communication is key to working things out. In 2024, you can find someone who listens when you need to talk, and you might get very close to an aunt, sibling, or cousin who thinks the world of you.

When it comes to friendships, people are going to open up new worlds for you. Goat, your friends might be engaged in new and exciting hobbies, and they are more than happy to have you join them. A friend might also buy you a ticket to something you’ve thought about going to but didn’t dare.

Around the beginning of May 2024, you might be thrown together with family members in close quarters. It’s possible you have family members visiting or friends staying with you. You’ll need to make some adjustments during this time so that everyone can get along, but it’s possible to find peace.

Toward the end of December 2024, you might be helping a friend who seems stuck. They could be stuck in a relationship or an unfulfilling job, and you are the catalyst that helps them get free of the situation. This could bring the two of you a lot of happiness.


In the year of the wood Dragon, job stability is achieved by being flexible and adaptable to changes in your company or industry. You might need to learn new systems and work with new people. Goat, if you own a business, noticing changes in customer buying habits can impact your business in a positive way, leading to a win.

As you approach the beginning of June 2024, Goat natives have a great opportunity to get a new job or a promotion in your current workplace. This position is likely to come with increased responsibilities and higher visibility. If you own a business, you might attract a new customer who places substantial orders.

Toward the end of December 2024, you might find yourself drawn back to something you’ve done before, or you might want to take some time off to be at home more. If you own a company, you might consider hiring additional help to manage the growth and demands of your business.


In the year of the wood Dragon, it’s important to closely monitor your finances. There could be additional expenses this year, such as tuition or purchasing a car, that significantly impact your budget. While you might experience small gains in your investments, Goat, any gains in real estate could potentially be offset by repairs and other expenses.

Around the beginning of May 2024, someone close to you might approach you with a risky investment opportunity. There will likely be plenty of news or testimonials touting it as the way to go. However, it would be wise to read the fine print carefully before committing any funds.

Around the beginning of October 2024, you have a chance to increase your earnings through an investment or a side business that you own. This is an opportune time to consider cashing in an investment, or you might witness a boost in sales for your goods and services.