Tiger natives can look forward to a better year now that the year of the water Rabbit is here. People will be more focused on comfort and security. And while you like a lot of excitement, you’ll find that 2023 brings you easy opportunities that others miss. You are a natural rebel. Your inclination is to stir things up. You will need to dial it back a little so you don’t frighten away opportunities. But for the most part, Tiger, you’ll be happy with what’s coming your way.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

You are in the second year of your twelve-year cycle, which, if compared to a year on the farm, would be the height of spring. This means you bring in opportunities by trying new things and branching out in new directions. Tiger, look for what interests you and is trending and pursue these opportunities with interest and enthusiasm.

In 2023, it’s beneficial to look at your inner motivations, your bigger “why.” You will have myriad opportunities that arise at this time. Understanding your goals will help you filter out the noise and find what would make the most impact in your life. Your challenge this year is to not get distracted by information and people that run counter to your goals. Nearly every moment this year you’ll want to go in many directions at once. Tiger, you might overload your schedule and spread yourself too thin. But when you prioritize what’s important in your life, you can make enormous headway in the year of the water Rabbit.


The year of the water Rabbit brings a much better year for Tiger natives, especially in the area of love. You are much more noticeable this year, so love can find you more easily. Friends step up to help. There is positive energy around connecting with someone from a different country or whose upbringing was very different from yours. If you’re in a committed relationship, your words are heard and your wishes are considered. There’s a real sense of union between the two of you.

The solar eclipse on April 20 could turn an acquaintance into a romantic partner. This could become a passionate love relationship. Tiger, you might have known this individual for a while, but now they’re absolutely tantalizing. The feeling seems to be mutual, and they might be quite smitten with you as well. You could go from zero to a hundred miles an hour overnight. It might start with you barely seeing each other to you staying up all night talking for hours and hours.

June 5 brings the Yang earth Horse month, and there are many social opportunities that could bring a love connection or improve your existing love relationship. This is a good time for Tiger natives to post your profile on dating apps and be active on social media. If you’re already in a committed partnership, you’re likely attending parties and social events together. It’s good to be social as a couple in the month of June.

Overall, Tiger, there are noticeable improvements in your love life in 2023.

Family & Friends

Tiger natives have opportunities for new friendships and perhaps even a new family member (through marriage, birth or adoption) in the year of the water Rabbit. Your family is especially supportive this year. It’s possible that you’re pulling together resources to help each other. Or you might be moving closer to family so you can support each other. There are also good connections with friends. But this year, your friends seem to be going in different directions, so you might be seeing less of them.

Toward the end of April, a friend might entrust you with a secret that you’re not sure you should keep. Tiger, this could be a serious situation, and you might feel that you need to get some outside help or advice. But you’ll have to be discreet or this individual might consider this a breach of your friendship.

On October 14, there is a solar eclipse that could bring an important family event. This might mean a wedding, special anniversary or milestone birthday. And what a big bash this could be. This could be a family reunion.

Toward the end of November, there is a lot of interaction with extended family members. You might be traveling to visit a cousin or great aunt that you haven’t seen in a long time. You might spend some time looking at your genealogy and constructing your family tree. Tiger, you might be visiting your ancestral lands. In 2023, you could reconnect with your roots.


Tiger natives might have changed jobs last year. Now in 2023, you might be tempted to return to a job you had previously, but be careful. This isn’t the year to go backward. On the other hand, if you want to do some consulting or be an independent contractor related to work you’ve done in the past, you can find a lucrative gig.

There is a solar eclipse on April 20, and Tiger, there could be some challenges at your company. It’s possible there’s a hiring freeze or even a temporary pay cut. Don’t expect any favors from supervisors until this energy clears.

The Yin water Pig month begins on November 7, and over the next four weeks someone in authority spots your talent and is willing to help you up the corporate ladder. Tiger, this is also a good time to get certified or test for a professional license to be a CPA or lawyer.


Financially, this is a much better year than last year. Tiger natives can see profits starting to come in from a side business. A bonus or raise from your job is also possible.

August 7 brings the Yang metal Monkey month and the beginning of harvest energy for you. Over the next 30 days, you might join with a friend and start a business. They have the know-how, you have your areas of expertise and together you can be an unstoppable force. Tiger, the profits could be rolling in soon.

The solar eclipse on October 14 marks a time when you’re likely very interested in a speculative investment. You’re known for taking risks. You might want to jump into something that is new and innovative. However, this is not the time to leverage yourself to the hilt. Tiger, be aware of the downside and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose in something that is so speculative.