There is a somewhat contentious year coming up for Rat natives. Fortunately, you do well in competitive situations. The year of the water Rabbit could challenge you to take quick action as opportunities spring up out of nowhere. You are bold enough to take risks in a year when most people feel quite conservative and even cautious. You can scoop up opportunities that others feel are outside their comfort zone.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

You are in the fourth year of your twelve-year cycle, which, if compared to a year on the farm, would be the beginning of summer. You have tried lots of new things over the last three years, and some of these projects and plans are starting to come together. Rat, you need to focus your time and energy on what is starting to work in order to nurture it to its full potential.

This year, it’s important to have a clear picture of what you want. Think of your goals in all the major areas of your life, including relationships, career and well-being. Rat, keep this list handy so you can refer to it throughout the year. This will allow you to see opportunities as they pop up in front of you. Expect to do more than one thing at a time because you’ll be quite busy this year. Keep your schedule updated so you know what you need to do next.

Overall, the challenging energy of 2023 keeps life exciting and interesting for Rat natives and brings you the potential for success.


The year of the water Rabbit brings some interesting challenges and opportunities in the area of love for Rat natives. It’s fun to be chased, but you’re going to have to slow down long enough to allow love to catch you. It’s no surprise that you’re moving quickly in 2023, but it’s important that every once in a while you pause and notice when someone is trying to get your attention. Love is there, but you might streak right past it.

April 5 begins the Yang fire Dragon month, and Rat, finding love now gets easier. You can also enhance your existing love relationship during this time. Think about doing new activities together. That way you both are exploring this new activity. And say yes to suggestions from your partner. You’re likely to be quite happy with the results.

The energy shifts quite dramatically around the solar eclipse on October 14. Rat, you and your partner might accidentally step on each other’s toes. This can bring unexpected arguments or, at the very least, irritations. Also be aware that the source of these annoyances could lie outside the relationship, and the two of you can bond together as you deal with the obstacles. It will be good to have an open conversation and an understanding with your partner so you can work together. Also be aware that your partner might be very security oriented at this time and filtering options through that lens.

Overall, the year of the water Rabbit brings some ups and downs in your love life for Rat natives.

Family & Friends

Expect a little bit of a bumpy road when it comes to your social life in 2023, Rat. Expect that you’re going to have to put in the effort. When it comes to some of your social connections, you’ll need to take time and be gentle, like walking on rice paper. It’s possible that your family wants to do more nesting when you would prefer to be out on the town. When you try to rally friends to join you, they are all busy with their own families. It’s likely in the year of the water Rabbit that Rat natives will need to compromise.

Toward the end of April and early May, someone from your past might return to your side. Perhaps this person moved away or has been traveling. Now they want to reconnect. Rat, it’s likely they will tell you how much they’ve missed you and value your friendship. They’re putting old troubles aside to rekindle the relationship.

There’s a solar eclipse on October 14, and you might be assisting a friend in need. Rat, you might be using some of your skills to help your friend write a resume or find a new place to live. You might lend them your car. You could be going out on a limb for someone.

At the very end of the Chinese zodiac year, around January 5, 2024, there could be a new addition to the family. This might mean a baby is born, a grandchild arrives or you get a new pet. Now your family has new reasons to celebrate.


In the year the water Rabbit, Rat natives might find work so enjoyable that it barely counts as work. Your projects are really starting to take off. You might receive more recognition. In general, things are on the upswing when it comes to employment or your own business.

The solar eclipse is on April 20, and Rat natives might have a little crisis of confidence. Perhaps it feels like you’re being pushed beyond your skill set. But this is not the time to underestimate your abilities. Consider moving forward as people around you cheer you on.

The Yin metal Rooster month begins on September 7, and in the next four weeks you might receive a bonus or promotion in your job. If you’re looking for work, you could get a call for an interview and even an offer. Rat, if you own a business, this is an excellent time to launch a new product for some record-breaking sales.


While there are some ups and downs this year for your finances, your balance sheet is likely in the black overall. In the year of the water Rabbit, there are opportunities that fall outside your comfort zone, Rat, but they could be quite profitable.

June 5 begins the Yang earth Horse month and the beginning of harvest energy for Rat natives. Over the next 30 days, you can capitalize on investments you are holding and secure a promotion or more sales for your business. These are your best earning months of the year, so you would do well to make a push in that direction.

There is a lunar eclipse on October 28, and it could bring some big ups and downs in your portfolio. The market might be down during this period. Rat, this could be a buying opportunity for getting into stocks or real estate at a discount. But don’t follow the crowd. This is the time to tap into your contrarian nature.