It’s the year of the water Rabbit, your year. Many things are going to change in your life this year, and this brings new opportunities, especially for relationships, career and creative projects. This is also a time of letting go. Rabbit natives need to release what hasn’t worked in your life. That might mean lightening the load by decluttering, letting go of difficult relationships or moving on from a dead-end job. This is an exciting year when you can go in a new direction and find out more about yourself.

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This is the first year of your twelve-year cycle, which, if compared to a year on the farm, would be the beginning of spring. It’s an exciting time when you can try new projects and meet new people. The possibilities for new relationships are abundant. The more new things you do, the more seeds you plant. Rabbit, you have extra luck and opportunity in the water Rabbit year.

In 2023, it’s quite helpful if you connect with like-minded others. This is a good year to join groups and organizations. You will meet helpful neighbors and the friends of your friends. You’ll likely reconnect with family members who live far away. Rabbit, your challenge is to not isolate yourself. Past years might have been difficult, so it’s understandable if you feel cautious. But this is a time for you to venture forth and take risks. This year, step outside your comfort zone.

Overall, this is a great year for Rabbit natives, especially when you believe in your abilities and trust yourself.


Rabbit, in 2023, it’s easier for you to find a new relationship. You are more noticeable, and other people are attracted to your gentle and loving spirit. If you’re already in a committed love partnership, something new could happen in the relationship. It’s possible that your household is expanding with the birth of a child, the adoption of a puppy or taking in an older relative to live with you. Rabbit, you have an opportunity to get closer to your partner this year. But recognize that if your relationship is fragile, you will need to put in some effort; otherwise, the energy of 2023 could bring you a tempting alternative.

The Yin earth Goat month begins on July 7, and for the next four weeks you have very positive energy for entering a partnership or enhancing a love relationship. There’s synchronicity now. Rabbit, it’s possible you’re traveling together. If you’re looking for love, you might meet someone while you’re on vacation. This is a good time to accept social invitations, especially those that are connected to a wedding or milestone celebration.

Things could get challenging around the solar eclipse on October 14, when some disruption at home could put a strain on your relationship. It’s possible that you are moving or someone is moving in or out. Rabbit, your relationship might be tested, but it’s likely you can work things out and strengthen your partnership.

Overall, the focus this year is on doing new things so love can be found or renewed for Rabbit natives.

Family & Friends

Rabbit, because this is the first year of your twelve-year cycle, there could be renewed relationships with friends and family. Some of the difficulties of the past just melt away, and you’re able to start fresh without all the baggage from before. Several family members tell you how much they value and appreciate your contribution to the family. This year, you don’t have to do things solo. If you’re feeling alone, look around and you’ll find that a family member or friend is likely nearby.

On May 5, there is a lunar eclipse, and there’s a lot of energy around children, younger relatives and fertility. This is a year of new beginnings, so fertility energy can be quite strong. This is also good energy for the adoption of a child or pet. In 2023, the house can feel alive with laughter and joy.

In early September, there could be some challenges around communication with a sibling or relative who is near to you in age. This could be one of your more stubborn relatives. It’s likely you won’t make any headway trying to push against their ideas. Rabbit, it would be better just to stand aside and let them do what they are so intent on doing.

There could be a big social event to attend around mid-October. Rabbit natives might be going to a friend’s wedding or a very special birthday celebration. And you might have a role to play in the event. You could be asked to play music, give a speech or make a toast.


In 2023, there is a lot of change that can happen for Rabbit natives. You might be bored with what you’ve been doing and want to do something new. You might want to start a business or go into an entirely new field. This is the year to take chances, especially when it comes to your career.

The solar eclipse is on April 20, and Rabbit, there could be a major change at your company. An entire department could be eliminated. There could be layoffs or management could change everything from top to bottom. You might want to keep your head down until this all blows over.

The Yang wood Rat month begins on December 7, and over the next four weeks Rabbit natives have some of the best energy for career recognition. If you own a business, you could see strong profits. You might have a lot of returning customers and an increased market share.


It’s the year of the water Rabbit, your year, and this means a new source of income could come in. It might start as a trickle but then flow more heavily as the year goes on. Rabbit, it’s also possible that you are doing some work on spec and not seeing income from your work just yet.

There is a lunar eclipse on May 5, and Rabbit, you might be tempted to put money in a popular and speculative investment. This might be related to derivatives, options or cryptocurrencies. It’s wise to be cautious until you really understand the nature of this investment. That said, profits are possible.

September 7 brings the Yin metal Rooster month and the beginning of harvest energy for Rabbit natives. There might be an opportunity to consolidate debt at a low interest rate, gain a line of credit or find funding for a real estate transaction. There is tedious paperwork to fill out, but this could lead to something great.