There are happy days ahead for Ox natives in the year of the water Rabbit. This harmonious energy can bring you the opportunities that you are looking for. As you step forward and take action, what you need appears on your path. It will be up to you to act on these opportunities. Otherwise, the benefits will go to someone else. Ox, your methodical, steady pace and your peaceful attitude toward life will be a blessing this year as the energy slows down to accommodate the water Rabbit energy.

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You are in the third year of your twelve-year cycle, which, if compared to a year on the farm, would be the end of spring. You are still planting seeds in the form of doing new things. It’s likely over the last few years you have changed jobs, changed residences or shifted a major relationship. Ox, the energy is starting to settle down to a more comfortable pace for you.

This year, it’s important to focus on your priorities and let go of frivolous distractions. This is a time to think about essentials and simplify your life, possibly by decluttering or downsizing. There is a great deal of focus on home and making your dwelling as comfortable as possible. There’s lots of imaginative energy now brewing inside of you, and you might start a creative project in the area of writing, music, design or art. Ox, you are learning new ways to express yourself.

Overall, 2023 can be a pleasant and profitable time for Ox natives.


There is mostly harmonious energy for Ox natives in 2023. The year of the water Rabbit is a time when you can find love more easily than in previous years. Friends introduce you to their friends, and family members want to fix you up on dates. If you’re already in a love relationship, you might be doing fun things together with other couples. You might go to each other’s house for game nights or start square dancing together. There might be a strong connection between all of you through your children.

On May 5, the Yin fire Snake month begins, and for the next four weeks there is exciting (albeit volatile) energy for love and romance. Ox, you could meet someone and have your life turned upside down. The connection between the two of you might act like a magnet, pulling you together. If you’re already in a committed relationship, it’s likely you are doing more things together, such as attending a friend’s wedding or going on vacation to a romantic destination.

In late August, a past love could return to you. Ox, this individual might have found you on social media, or you could run into them at the supermarket. Whether you’re currently in a love relationship or not, it’s going to be hard to get this person out of your mind. This old flame could stoke a new fire, and romance could ensue.

Overall, it’s a bit of a roller coaster for the Ox native’s love life, but it’s one that’s worth the price of admission.

Family & Friends

This is one of those years when your friends and family are looking to you for guidance and advice. In the year of the water Rabbit, you have an innate understanding of the energy. A sibling might ask you how to get out of a difficult situation, and you are ready with advice. A younger relative might be ready to launch their creative career and need some practical guidance. In 2023, Ox, you’re the one your friends and family look to for help with their own goals and projects.

On May 5, there is a lunar eclipse, and Ox natives might feel put off when someone you thought you knew well proves to be untrustworthy. This individual might reveal a secret of yours. And while this information doesn’t do you any harm, you are likely disappointed by their lack of loyalty.

You might spend some time with in-laws in late August or early September. Ox, it’s possible you’re interacting more with some extended family members, and they’re keeping you busy. This is a good time to let others pick up some of the responsibilities that you normally shoulder.

In early December, you could meet a new friend. Ox, it’s likely you’re meeting this person through a social occasion or charity function. And once you start talking, it’s like you’ve known each other for years. This could be a great connection for you. Be prepared to make some effort to keep this going through the holidays and beyond.


In 2023, Ox natives will have extra luck when it comes to employment. You can get another job if you wish. But it also means you could stay where you are and have a better working environment (that difficult coworker might move on). This year, you can work with people who value your contribution.

There is a lunar eclipse on May 5, and Ox, you might be tempted by a business opportunity that sounds a little too good to be true. Be cautious if you are accepting a new job at this time. You might find the position isn’t as described or there are difficult working conditions.

The Yang water Dog month begins on October 8, and over the next four weeks you have exceptional opportunities for gaining recognition, securing a promotion and getting a bigger paycheck. Ox, if you lead a team, you could bring the project in ahead of schedule and on budget. During this time, you are a star.


Ox natives are likely more interested in your finances in 2023, and for good reason. You have opportunities that you haven’t had in previous years. The year of the water Rabbit has you diversifying into new areas, which could bring in money from multiple sources.

The solar eclipse on April 20 could bring some cash-flow issues and shake your confidence. Ox, you could be a little overextended. You might tap into a line of credit or borrow from a family member to tide you over. This is not a setback, just a timing issue.

July 7 brings the Yin earth Goat month and the beginning of harvest energy for Ox natives. Over the next 30 days, a business partnership, collaboration or mentor could come through for you. This individual can take you by the hand and show you different investments or help you with a real estate purchase. Ox, you could combine funds to make a big investment.