In 2023, the year of the water Rabbit brings a better year for Monkey natives. Things improve on almost every front. Connections with friends and family stabilize. Your work situation finds a nice rhythm that is just engaging enough to keep you interested. It is a busy year with many opportunities for you to chase, but there are also periods when you can sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

This is the eighth year of your twelve-year cycle, which, if compared to a year on the farm, would be the middle of autumn, the height of the harvest season. Everything you need is available now, but you have to pick quickly to gather what you need for your storehouse. Monkey, this year brings new people to meet that could be important for your future, so you have to show up to the meeting. Seize the moment or opportunities will pass you by.

During water Rabbit energy, how you use your time is very important. This will be a year of adjusting your priorities, looking at how you schedule and using the clock and calendar to help you achieve what you want. There will be many distractions and things vying for your attention, and you must stick with your priorities. Monkey, this is a great year for connecting with new people. You can meet people who are helpful and want to partner with you.

Overall, this year can be a banner year for Monkey natives if you’re willing to make some adjustments.


When it comes to love and romance, the year of the water Rabbit brings Monkey natives a better year. But that doesn’t mean you’re totally out of the woods just yet. You might still find it difficult to meet someone who matches your enthusiasm, energy and sense of adventure, especially in the more conservative and cautious water Rabbit year. Even if you’re already in a committed relationship and have been together for a while, you might find your partner shying away from some exciting opportunities that you want to grab. Some compromise might be necessary this year.

There is a lunar eclipse on May 5, and during this time you might be in your own way. Perhaps you’re weighing the idea of freedom and the joys of being single against the security of being in a committed relationship. When a potential lover comes along, you might be a little slow to pick up the cues and even slower to make a commitment. Monkey, if you’re already in a love relationship, you might spend some time apart because one of you is traveling, visiting relatives or working an odd shift.

The Yang wood Rat month begins on December 7, and Monkey, this brings four weeks of positive energy for looking for love or enhancing your existing love relationship. If you’re on the hunt, this is a good time to say yes to nearly every social invitation you get. Focus on events where you can meet new people. There you will find individuals who are interested in meeting you.

Family & Friends

The year 2023 is a better year for Monkey natives, but there are still some adjustments you can make that will help your social life. The energy of the water Rabbit is quite different from your own. You’re always up for an adventure and ready to move when the wind changes direction, but this is a year when people stay closer to home. At times just getting them to leave the house might feel like pulling teeth.

The first few weeks of May are a good time to book social events with both friends and family members. Monkey, you don’t mind being busy, which is fortunate because your schedule might be pretty tight. At this time, you might hear from someone you haven’t spoken to since college or even grammar school. And now that they’ve found you, you’re happily sharing memories together.

There is a solar eclipse on April 20, and there’s a lot of energy around children and fertility. This energy is strong enough that someone in the family might give birth while another announces they’re pregnant. It’s time to break out the nonalcoholic champagne.

In early December, the energy is again strong for children and younger relatives. Monkey, you might be entertaining some younger siblings or cousins. Older kids could be home for the holidays. You might have a lot of people under your roof at this time, but you don’t mind a little chaos, especially when an exciting party can break out at any moment.


The year of the water Rabbit brings positive energy for your career. You might be working on high-profile projects and bringing them in on time. But Monkey natives can become bored when things are too routine. And you might toss away stability just so you can try something new.

The Yin fire Snake month begins on May 5, and for the next four weeks there’s some volatile energy at work. Monkey, it’s possible that a difficult coworker is making it hard for you to get things done. Or you might interview for another job and be impatiently waiting for an answer. You could get a good outcome, but it might not come as quickly as you’d like.

The solar eclipse is on October 14, and Monkey natives need to be very careful of mistakes. Double-check titles and the spelling of the CEO’s name. If a mistake becomes public, be quick to take responsibility and you’ll find that everything works out.


The year 2023 brings a better time for Monkey natives, especially in the area of finances. Multiple sources of income are possible. You also have good energy around unusual investments and finding new ways to make money. This could include starting a business with a friend or former colleague.

February 4 brings the Yang wood Tiger month and the beginning of harvest energy for you. Over the next month, you have opportunities to plant seeds for big profits that you can harvest all year long. Monkey, this means you want to jump into new projects. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with someone who has a profitable history.

The solar eclipse on October 14 could mark a shift in how you make your money. Monkey, it’s possible you’re changing jobs. Or perhaps you’re getting more revenue from sources of passive income. Now you have multiple income streams and more security in general.