The year of the water Rabbit can bring quite harmonious energy for Goat natives. You are able to intuitively connect with the right people at the right time. There is more synchronicity happening in your life, and things seem to come together by some magical hand. At the same time, it’s quite a busy year with more opportunities than you’ve had in a while.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

This is the ninth year of your twelve-year cycle, which, if compared to a year on the farm, would be the end of autumn. Goat, this is the time when the last of the harvest needs to be gathered, the food needs to be preserved and the farm needs to be put to bed for winter. This means you are very active in your job as well as socially. You have more invitations and obligations to meet. It’s a joyful time because there are abundant resources available, but it’s a busy year.

In 2023, relationships will be very important. You’ll meet new people and establish deeper connections with those you know. You’re building a community of people you can rely on. The people you meet this year could become long-term friends. Goat, there are opportunities of a financial nature as well. You can gain in your career, but it will take some effort. You can make more money from a business or side business if you’re willing to take quick action.

Overall, this is good energy that brings opportunities for Goat natives who are ready to climb to new heights.


The year 2023 could be one of the best years you’ve had for relationships in some time. Goat natives understand the energy of the water Rabbit. This year, you could attract someone who wants to care for you and understands how to nurture you. If you’re already in a love relationship, you might celebrate your love by renewing your vows or taking a second honeymoon. Or you could celebrate a milestone anniversary.

There is a solar eclipse on April 20, and Goat, you might find yourself in an inadvertent love triangle. If you’re dating, you might be interested in more than one dating partner. If you’re already in a committed relationship, you could find that you’re tempted by someone from your past. This person could reenter your life through social media, or you might see their picture when you’re flipping through an old yearbook and now you can’t stop thinking about them. You are naturally social and interested in connecting with people from your past, but this could complicate your love life.

The Yin water Pig month begins on November 7, and for the next four weeks you have extra luck when it comes to meeting someone new for a love relationship. Goat, you might be doing work for a charity or connecting with a faith group. If you’re already in a love relationship, you could be hosting holiday celebrations or visiting relatives. You and your sweetheart are the hub of your family and friends. This makes your relationship stronger, and you are admired by others.

Family & Friends

There are some good times with friends and family for Goat natives in 2023. The harmonious energy of the water Rabbit adds to your already social nature and brings together some of your favorite people. These could be individuals that you haven’t seen in person for quite a while. Goat, it’s possible you’re traveling. It’s also possible that a relative or close friend travels to you, so get your guestroom ready because you could have visitors.

There’s a lot of energy around younger relatives in the middle of March. This could signal the birth of a child, an adoption or a milestone event for a family member. Goat, you might celebrate this person’s success taking a test, getting a new job or starting a new chapter in their life. This is a joyous time.

Around the middle of June, there’s an opportunity for Goat natives to connect with many new people. It’s possible you’re going to a convention, conference or festival. You’re finding new people who share your interests and hobbies. Goat, it’s possible this is done virtually through videoconference, but it’s more likely that you’re attending this event in person.

On October 14, it’s the solar eclipse, and you might be keeping a close eye on a family member. This individual may have needed more help recently. It’s possible that they’re moving, recovering from a knee replacement procedure or undergoing something else that requires them to ask for help on a regular basis. And, as always, you are generous with your time and ready to assist.


In 2023, Goat natives are blessed with good coworkers and a good working environment. It’s even possible that upper management starts listening to the employees and making relevant changes. When it comes to your career, things are going well.

The Yang fire Dragon month begins on April 5, and over the next four weeks, you could find a new position in your current company or with a competing company. Goat, you could change things up by transferring to a new department. This is a time when you have support from people in high positions.

The lunar eclipse is on October 28, and Goat, there could be a sudden change in your company. Perhaps there is some bad publicity, or a production mistake puts the company in the red. And while you probably aren’t directly involved in this difficulty, it does mean delays in getting a raise or promotion. It might be hard to get help from supervisors at this time.


When it comes to finances, there is harmonious energy for Goat natives in the year of the water Rabbit. Financial affairs seem to come together more easily. You can find people to help you get a loan, find funding for your business or get money for school. It’s also possible you could win something this year.

The solar eclipse on April 20 could bring some changes in your finances related to the swings in the market. Goat, you might be tempted to go with the crowd and sell when prices are low, but in calmer times you know that investments go up and down. Remember that you’re in it for the long haul, so don’t be a sheep just following what other people say.

January 5, 2024, brings the Yin wood Ox month and the beginning of harvest energy for Goat natives. Over the next 30 days, you can reap rewards from various sources. You might get a bonus from work or have some seasonal work that pays you quite well.