Capricorn 2022 Horoscope

Your home planet Saturn is one of the most powerful of the outer planets, Capricorn, and 2022 begins with a harmonious union with airy Aquarius. There is a focus now on being part of a group—of the collective world order—and now is the perfect time for you to network and connect with others who have different visions and opinions.

Saturn in Aquarius brings people together, but it can also cause you to look at your relationships (both professional and personal) and get rid of the connections that no longer serve a purpose. This can be a rather aloof energy, allowing you to part ways with little sentimentality attached to the goodbye. New relationships started during this transit will rely on a solid foundation of friendship and respect and may or may not turn into romance.

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When Saturn retrograde occurs between the beginning of June and the end of October, this free-thinking cycle gives you a chance to slow down and balance the energies in the various parts of your life. This is a great time to journal more, schedule time with a therapist, or meditate. Any activity that helps you learn more about yourself and improve your outlook is encouraged.

As it does every year, you can look forward to the sun visiting your hardworking sign near the end of December. If it’s been a while since you let loose, your birthday month is a great time to schedule a little downtime to really celebrate your solar return. Because it falls around the same time as a couple major holidays, you should be able to take some vacation time and use it to renew and replenish your energy. Use this month to broaden your social circle as well, and show people that there’s more to you than your “all work, no play” serious rep!

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