Taurus 2021 Horoscope

Welcome to a brand-new year ahead of you, Taurus! There's a ton of unpacking you have yet to do, and yet you do not even know where to fully begin. You've been experiencing the lessons of having the planet of chaos charging through your sign with both glimpses in 2018 and moving full-on in 2019. However, this year adds a bit of strife to this energy.

Uranus does not like constraints under any circumstances, and as Saturn opens the year strongly situated in fellow fixed sign Aquarius, you could find yourself in a continual crossroads. In fact, this is the overall energy of your year. Feeling like you are moving forward and being yanked into place having to wait for changes to take their full effect. You might see through things so much that at times, it might even anger you. This year requires a great deal of maturity and patience on your part. Yes, there can feel like great losses, mainly not through your own undoing, but through the continual clash between Saturn in the Water-bearing Aquarius and outer-body Uranus in your sign.

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The year's lunar cycles are eye-opening in your personal zones of self-acceptance and spiritual growth. The May 26 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius does shed light on those areas of your life that you've tried to sweep under the rug. Understand that eclipses are galvanizing energy that truly wants you to get real with yourself so that you may heal from this situation. The annual solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 can add some clarity to your overall financial destiny—also reflected with a partial lunar eclipse in your sign of the Bull on November 19. Then luckily, you'll feel the weight off your shoulders on December 4 as the total solar eclipse sees you revisiting certain events and scenarios around your karmic connections, this time with a renewed sense of self.

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