As with the Dragon, the Snake imagines their opportunities as a constant, unaffected by what member of the zodiac is leading the year. Still, the last few years have been fairly low key for you. So, while the metal Rat year gave you a forum to demonstrate your profound insights and recover a sense of good timing, the metal Ox year will provide you a ready place to expand your influence if you like.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Ox years are generally easy for you to navigate. The stability presented by convention and tradition may appear rigid and stuffy to many of the other members of the zodiac. However, you are visionary enough to see the meaning behind the regulation. These depths of interpretation feed you and allow a tremendous flexibility of application. Snakes always pride themselves on their capacity to engage without being fully seen or to slip about unnoticed and unaffected by the fickle tides of human society. This year, you may hide in plain sight. If the metal Ox is the driver this year, you are one of the trusted navigators.

So, best to reflect deeply and attend to your priorities this year. Pursue longevity. With Metal as a potent modifier to the Ox this year, it could be tempting to overextend yourself a bit. Synthesis has its advantages, but simplicity has a deeper impact for you. When you allow yourself to slow down and move in a meditative and deliberate way this year, the obvious choices you perceive will be the best ones for you.


Snakes are generally not quick to pair up in partnership. However, in this metal Ox year, embracing partnership can be a favorable way to express your priorities and showcase your maturity. One of the reasons you're generally not so fast to jump into commitment is because you're keenly aware that doing so always risks a karmic entanglement of some kind or another. So, the metal Ox year invites you to ground your love interests into a more supportive framework of mutual purpose. You may have noticed that the metal Rat year gave you a better sense of what matters to you in partnership and what you're clearly looking for.

In the metal Ox year, you can synthesize these priorities into a set of qualifications for potential partners. What will make any relationship last for you is a common worldview and respect for personal boundaries. You can create both this year. Your checklist might seem ruthless to some but, if you're doing romance at all this year, you're not here to waste anyone's time.

So, vet accordingly and have patience. Ox Qi does not move quickly. Be ready for courtship and savor every step. This year, a Rabbit would be an enticing choice—as they are vulnerable this year—and you will seem larger than life to them. For those Snakes already committed: If your relationship survived the critiques of the metal Rat year, your partnership will have a stronger foundation to work with this year. Sanctify these platform changes by deepening commitments or renewing vows.

Family & Friends

Snakes almost never lean on their social life as a measure of their identity. You’re quite sensitive to the pitfalls of herd mentality and tend to choose your associations quite carefully. Orienting yourself socially in the last few years likely produced a number of awkward moments and welcome stretches of isolation. So, even though the metal Ox year gives you a ready scaffold for revealing yourself more intentionally, it would be just as appropriate for you to change nothing at all. Enjoy an increased sense of internal confidence and trust your instincts!

Even more so than the Dragon, your insights and perception will be highly valued this year. Your unique comprehension gives you charm and makes you a fascinating source of authority to others, even at an informal level. While this could bring a great boost to your professional life, you will likely have to regulate being too accessible personally. Set strong boundaries and brush up on your code-switching skills. Though you may find yourself being more socially available this year, maintaining both your privacy and your social escape routes are always crucial.

At some point, you would benefit from making your circle of associations fairly tight, filled with singular individuals who have skillsets you respect. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. So, assuming you’re interested at all, let your social emergence come slowly this year. The early summer moons, particularly the fourth moon, plan to be personally profound for you. Let stillness inform. Who can you share silence with?


Metal Ox Qi demonstrates its purpose in life through the timeless and enduring pillars of work and family. So, while you tend to be the one least attached to recognition, this year you may find your professional self valued in a way you haven’t felt in recent memory. To effectively wield authority this year comes with a lot of pressure and it could be your significant intangible qualities that cause you to stand out and give you the opportunity to lead. You’ll have to decide if that’s right for you. Strong expectations will come with the title so it would be best to weigh the pros and cons of responsibility before you commit.

Whatever path you choose, it will be particularly important for you to be thorough with you work. Snakes are prone to distraction, particularly as it relates to deadlines, but there will not be much margin for error in the metal Ox year.

If you seek a transition, you’ll be happy to know that you’re the only one with any flexibility this year. However, the best you could expect would be a lateral move with more headroom. Overall, best to drill down on the things that are working for you in your field and attempt to entrench the benefit. If you enjoy what you do, it’s likely because it gives you a certain degree of freedom. This year, make yourself quietly invaluable and permanently secure those perks you covet. Depending on your preparation, the seventh and eighth moons can present a great opportunity or bring serious insecurity.


The metal Ox is staunchly conventional so the traditional frameworks of economy will be enhanced this year. Navigating these structures will offer no big surprises to you. Getting your needs met will not be difficult. So, feel free to instinctually access the stability of this year and use it to serve your vision. Saving is sexy and investment is just as enticing. Plant seeds and cultivate directions that reflect your long-term priorities. It is favorable to be judicious with your spending in order to support the prospects of your economic liberation.

Of course, it is fair to say that you occasionally like to live in the moment and take liberties with your credit line. Best to set limits on that behavior because the penalties could be harsh. The metal Ox’s stability does not mean lack of trial and the fall could get tricky. Keep your rainy-day fund fully stocked just in case.

So, while only some Snakes could awaken their Midas Touch this year, you all are certain to find a more rewarding meaning of value beyond the experience of material profit. Metal Ox Qi highlights people themselves, and their commonality, as the most fundamental resource to invest in. Supporting local markets is a kind of obvious activism that can appeal to you. Using your money to reflect your values has a big impact on the quality of your environment. While you may or may not care about the personal credibility it builds for you, you can certainly respect the tangible improvement that a vibrant community commerce brings to everyone.