Your style of analysis finds favor this year, but you’ll likely have to navigate your own mental roadblocks in order to fully take advantage of it. The metal Ox year provides two things that work really well for you. The first is a set of clearly defined boundaries. Your intellect is like a Qi reflex. When given a proper context to operate in, your skillset of analytical breakdown can be invaluable. However, left to its own devices, compulsive over-analysis quickly becomes a challenge for you. Not this year.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

The metal Ox is coming with a clear list of concerns and they’re not small topics. This bring us to the second thing in your favor. Issues like justice and social harmony have many complicated layers to navigate. With metal as the modifier to the Ox this year, there will be some appetite to use intricate solutions to meet these large needs. This Ox is ambitious and counts on lots of help from very smart people to get the job done correctly. Expect to be invited to the table. Being an advisor works very well for you this year.

The only real trouble is the Ox’s value of retrospection can trap you in an emotional eddy of your own obsessive self-analysis. Turning old narratives over and over in your head is not a comfortable place for you. If you can get through the third and fourth moon with a couple clear guiding principles to follow, the summer and fall can go extremely well. Get your priorities straight.


In terms of partnership, the metal Ox does provide some advantages for you. What makes someone attractive in an Ox year has to do with how well all the practical pieces fit. Sharing complimentary goals and outlooks, that you can either pursue together or support one another in doing, is what brings people together. So, your attitude on relationships is in style and your confidence will be boosted—giving you a competitive edge in attractiveness. Know your worth and wear it proudly.

Like a strutting peacock, you’ve got license to declare your value and the greater your chances for attracting the kind of partnership you’re really looking for. You lose 100 percent of the things you don’t ask for. So, ask, but also expect a vetting process in return. Courtship can feel like a mutual examination this year. Go slowly to keep your pride from bruising. You can let details be important, but don’t miss the forest for the trees. Make sly introductions in the spring and return to explore further at the Summer Solstice.

Many of these reflections can apply to you whether you are single or taken. However, if your partnership survived the critique of the metal Rat year, you likely now have a more comprehensive list of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. It is an excellent year for you and your partner to repair and reinforce. If you can be thorough, your agreements will provide you crucial emotional shelter for the next two years of Tiger and Rabbit.

Family & Friends

The competitive and ruthlessly critical tone of 2020 could have been easily unsettling for you. Naturally forthright, you’re no pushover, but even you have a limit to how much critique and argument you’re willing to endure between friends. Hopefully, you responded by editing down the spheres of your social life. In the metal Ox, you’ll know when you hit ground. It’s possible you may need to edit further. In the Chinese tradition, the winter season is the time we allow most relationships to be cut way back, near to the point of conclusion. This is so, in the spring, we may consciously revitalize them and renew our agreements with each other. So, think carefully this spring about who you want to spend this important year with. Your own sense of purpose is activated. Best to share with those of a common vision. The metal Rat made you more selective with your social investments. This metal Ox should make you more conservative, even exclusive, with whom, and how, you connect.

So, embrace the metal Ox’s need for hierarchy and prioritize. Doing so, you’ll likely feel the demand for your presence increase. Do not promise more than you can deliver. Make a private bubble for yourself and your core connections in the third and fourth moon. Internalize those personal principles and values that feed you without apology. When you circulate yourself more freely as Summer declines, you’re much more likely to find these same values mirrored in those around you. This will help you endure a more chaotic fall.


As a natural advisor in a very busy year, work should be your main priority. The question is: Can you work effectively in the background? Metal Ox Qi is strong and consistent, giving you a greater ability to focus, and the stamina to achieve your goals. Yet, while personal success can be a factor in your decision making this year, it should not be the major one. Your commitment to a larger cause aligns extremely well with the metal Ox’s worldview.

Oxen are naturally selfless to their chosen dedications. So, if you make personal enrichment your top priority, expect very slow progress and even some pushback. In addition, it will be important to remember that, as influential as you are this year, you may not directly call the shots. Your talent and expertise are in service to authority. While you may be heavily invested in your perspective, your valuable guidance may not be the only factor at play when it comes to the decisions of the workplace.

So, respect the chain of command and the protocols of hierarchy. Follow the rules you know very well and do not seek to be the exception. Doing so, you do better to shield yourself against the potential risks that could come in the early fall moons. The instability of the seventh and eighth moon may bring challenges to power dynamics more broadly. Don’t overreach your own authority and you’ll see your way through these tectonic shifts. While you might see opportunity in upheaval, no sudden changes please.


Roosters can certainly show very good management of finances this year. This may demonstrate in sound investments that enrich a portfolio, but it could also show up as the ability to match the metal Ox’s austerity and do much more with less. This is clearly a favorable year to build up your resources in support of your material longevity. Don’t be surprised if you receive some help from family. Metal Ox Qi concerns much more than wealth—it also serves a sense of legacy. Issues of inheritance or family heirlooms could signal your place in an estate. So, rather than solely conceiving of wealth, as a set of abstract measurements in a digital atmosphere, the metal Ox is here to remind you how many riches are wrapped up in the durable, tangible goods of the past and present. Best to think less about cryptocurrency and more about what you would hand to your own children or grandchildren.

There is an opportunity to pursue the construction of an enduring legacy, which could help galvanize a sense of purpose for you. This could be as simple as a year-long savings goal or as complex as the creation of a charitable foundation. While the scale of your achievement could allow the added benefit of preening your pride, what is important is the feeling of a long-term commitment. Avoid volatility and think of the stability of your family. Make a solid plan in the spring and stay consistent. Resolve is tested by tangents, particularly in the seventh and eighth moons.