The year of the metal Ox will begin to put a punctuation on a series of losses you’ve been experiencing the last couple of years. The year of the 2020 metal Rat was not very gentle for you. The reductions you experienced with the Rat may have been jarring, opening up deep instincts of survival and triggering a sense of trauma and wounding. While the metal Ox will not be terribly gentle at the outset, with the Ox’s stability, any further reductions in your circumstances can begin to feel more purposeful. Perhaps this is all going somewhere.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

As you come through these experiences, particularly in the spring and summer, there are sprouts of a fresh maturity that awaits. You’re getting leaner and stronger in the shelter of the Ox, preparing to regrow. Once you receive these cues, safeguard them and be still. Overall, you’ll have to do more with less, but you can flourish this year by working in the background. By the early winter, your intuitive skills can begin to reestablish, positioning you to collect power in 2022, the year of the Tiger.

Until then, avoid confrontation and take heart in the ordinary and routine. Stay off the front lines and create or fortify your oasis. Cultivate grace by allowing others to find you rather than the other way around. Softness will be in short supply this year and your compassionate touch can be a valuable place of relief. Be exclusive and do not give yourself away. Shyness preserves what you have. Stay hidden most of the time.


There is no doubt that your confidence this year would be boosted significantly by being in a committed partnership. You’re one of the most vulnerable members of the zodiac in this metal Ox year and partnership is one of the major ways you find security in general. For the single Rabbits, this year can be very good for finding partnership, but maybe not in the ways you’re most accustomed to. If you’re looking to fall into an ocean of each other’s eyes, be prepared to hit a bottom line this year. Practical considerations tend to seriously overshadow romance with the metal Ox.

Your ideals may create tension since compatibility this year is measured most by how external goals and values are shared rather than an intuitive connection. So, go for courtship, not casual dating. Best to meet your good match through close friends and family. If you’re ready to tie the knot, be sure to marry in a way that your grandparents would recognize. The longevity of our commitments is weighted heavily by the compatibility of our families this year. Don’t skip this step.

For those Rabbits whose commitments survived the ruthless critique of the metal Rat year, your partner is now your proven refuge. Be it emotional support, financial backing, or simply a cozy home to share, the person that brings you these crucial elements is the kind of benefactor that you can build with this year. Consider expanding the family with children and/or renewing your vows. Both would be potent acts this year.

Family & Friends

Your inner circle of friends is always vital to you, Rabbit. You do best when you can spread your needs around and establish key harbors of safety. Yet, there’s a rigidity that comes with this metal Ox year that will appear to close off many of the social options that you’ve enjoyed. The world, and your connection to others, will feel cold and difficult to intuitively “read.” You may be surprised to find how those you have some history with will now feel closed off to the types of intimacy you see as essential to friendship. Ox Qi generally comes across as deeply depersonalizing to you and the stuffy nature of the metal Ox year will have you back on your heels a bit. Even if you’re surrounded by people and greeted warmly, this year could feel quite lonely.

So, tighten up your social pod. Old friends and proven connections serve you best this year. Hang out with the same four people and adopt no major changes. It’s okay for you to be a rare sighting to others this year. Observe from afar until the ninth or tenth moon. In addition, the bigger challenge for you this year is that you’re going to have to do your best to take others at their word. It’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of year. Without the ability to reliably perceive the truth behind what is said, there’s a risk that your own patterns of mistrust leave you isolated. Keep proven support on speed dial.


The success of your work life this year will greatly depend on the alliances and inroads you’ve already established. Advancement will be quite difficult in the metal Ox year and you’ll need to find satisfaction with the status quo. Though the effect of metal Ox Qi will vary somewhat with your chosen profession, you may find that your skillset and natural talents will be difficult to translate this year. Effective communication is a big part of how you operate. Your capacity for nuance and discretion reveals your skillful insights and capacity for management.

The trouble is, neither of these traits are easily valued with the Ox year. Metal Ox Qi is right up front, with a consistent and thorough message. You’ll find its general lack of tact and subtlety exhausting. Metal Ox Qi has a strong purpose and direction and there will be little room to discuss the hidden adjustments you perceive as necessary. For the Ox, all meaning worth knowing is on the surface. Expect to be discouraged at times.

So, to prove your relevance, turn to diplomacy and practice holding your cards close to your vest. There could be many high powered moves this year and negotiations always have a human element. While this will be mostly overlooked in the Ox year, this is exactly how you might show the power of suggestion and subtle influence. Plant a seed and let it be their big idea later. Professional collaborations with Snakes can be productive, if held carefully. Roosters will be strutting this year, so, it’s best to discretely avoid them, if possible.


Your sources of personal wealth are generally indirect and every investment you make tends to have a personal connection. In terms of wealth management, it is generally best to sit tight and make no major moves in this metal Ox year. Your judgments could lead to mixed results since your intuitive capacities are greatly dimmed under the Ox. Best to let your tendency for being risk-averse play to your advantage. Ox Qi favors a long-term approach to accumulation and investment, gathering slow and secure over time. The metal Ox, in particular, is relentless in upholding and reinforcing the traditional gears of the economy. Timeless investments, such as the production of durable goods and the value of real estate, will thrive. So, if you’re savvy in these ways Rabbit (and even if you’re not), this could be a decent year for you to explore buying a home or investing in rental property. Obviously, having the support of trusted advisors will be crucial. Do not make these decisions on your own. Browse but don’t buy. Wait for your year in 2023.

In fact, you may be more likely to inherit wealth or a home this year than acquire these things on your own. Family legacies are rich in the metal Ox year and this is one of the ways you can be supported. Regardless of the content of your personal connections within your family, it is favorable to receive these things without complaint. Wait until the Tiger or Rabbit year to decide what to do with it.