The Pig’s central task in life is to look on the bright side. The metal Ox year could get quite serious, and you’re here to lighten things up a bit. As long as you’re not somehow standing in the way of the momentum that the metal Ox is generating, you could provide a genuine oasis of heartfelt humanity in the midst of some weighty work. The conventionality that the metal Ox presents this year could feel strict, but could also keep you safe. Like having a curfew, if you can adapt yourself to the obvious patterns of conformity in your social atmosphere, this can be a stable and maturing year for you. It’s your job to simply keep the ball rolling. As rigid as the metal Ox can be, you know it’s not the end of the world. Some of your natural friends, like the Tiger and the Goat, might need your warm-hearted company. Just be careful not to adopt too much of their narratives of injustice and resistance this metal Ox year. Revolution is a very risky proposition and, as resolute as you can be, you’re no match for the overwhelming strength of this Ox.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Better to be flexible and foster a sincere and inclusive neutrality. Leave a seat at the table open for everyone. You are an excellent emotional advisor this year and the metal Ox will respect your capacity for accommodation, hard-working determination, and selflessness. Best to keep a low profile for the first half of the year and attend primarily to your most intimate connections.


For the Pig, love is more of an open-ended experience—and it’s not because you’re fickle. One of the reasons you are considered the most domestic sign of the Chinese zodiac is because you are uniquely flexible and generous in the way you provide intimacy, both casually and more exclusively. For this reason, Pigs don’t often give up their single life quickly. However, the metal Ox year would be an excellent year to take that leap. Single life is likely to be fairly lonely this year. While you can typically imagine yourself with just about anyone, the metal Ox will narrow your choices down to the most obviously compatible. As a continuation of the metal Rat, this year you are working with the awareness of your own standards and expectations of being in a partnership. No doubt, you’re still mostly relaxed and forgiving when it comes to how you can receive those standards. It is vital that you honestly own them, though. Overall, your desire for the regularity of affection and companionship is going to get you across the commitment line. Say yes.

Of course, part of the maturity available this year could also mean heartbreak. Gullibility dies hard and perhaps it is still necessary for you to learn by negative example. No guarantees. However, if you can abide by the metal Ox’s need for a slow and genuine courtship, you’re far less likely to be trampled. Absolutely no sudden trips to Vegas, please. Get to know someone deeply (including meeting families!) before any major decisions are made.

Family & Friends

You are everyone’s best friend, if you want to be, and you can say that with humility. Being socially available is as natural to you as breathing. This makes you a very valuable person just about everywhere you go. In principle, this won’t change much in the metal Ox year. But in application, you may find yourself far more selective in what social circles you appear in. I wouldn’t overthink it. In every Ox year, our social skins are a little bit thicker. Each of us is far less accessible and receptive to what is unfamiliar on the surface. Depth is not easy to get to. At the same time, what is commonplace between us as human beings becomes highlighted for you. So, even in the face of a stranger, you may feel your own needs as a person. Being the humanitarian you are, you may try to naively break the bubble between us. Don’t expect everyone to see what you see. It is possible to pull back, self-regulate a little, and not lose one ounce of your kindness.

So, take care of your compassionate nature. Please maintain your charitable expression—your generosity is favorable this year. Just be sure you are also well-nourished by those that love and understand you. Like your domestic cousins, the Rabbit and the Goat, you are vulnerable this year. It’s best not to stray too far from home. Take delight in the consistency of your oldest friends. Schedule regular dinner parties and always leave a seat open for friends of friends.


While you may have an understandable reputation for fun, you’re also able to relate to the metal Ox’s maturity and devotion to work. To you, the metal Ox operates like a believer in a righteous cause. Even though your work life is not usually the center of your world to such a degree, you can really respect the metal Ox’s level of determination! So, check your motivation! It will be good for you to examine how invested you are in what you do and why. Of course, you could come and go and punch the clock as a simple commitment to routine. You usually have plenty of other things going on that excite you. Yet, if you take that approach in the metal Ox year, expect it to quickly become heavy and stale for you. Tapping into your enthusiasm will be the only way you’ll be able to handle the workload of the metal Ox year.

Expect the Spring and early Summer to bring a full stop and need to examine how to best apply yourself. Very likely the metal Rat year stripped you of most of your distractions. If you did your homework in 2020 on what your core priorities are, then you’ll be better prepared for the constructive retrospection necessary in the first half of 2021. Go slowly, work in alliance, and share the load with solidarity. Collecting a stronger sense of purpose, you can make bigger decisions in the Tiger year of 2022.


The relationship you have to wealth this year will mostly highlight the human dimensions of sharing and fair exchange, rather than the accumulation of treasure. In the metal Ox year, people, and the skills they bring, are the greatest resource. So, while having good saving habits keeps you in the black this year, your best move is to fully commit to investing in others in ways—both big and small. In addition to financial support, your time and attention can also be very valuable to others. Support local businesses and otherwise track your spending in ways that reflect your core values. Of course, it will be good to vet your sponsorships thoroughly. You wouldn’t want to waste the metal Ox’s constructive generosity by being naive. Careful that your charitable heartstrings don’t get you caught in a scam, particularly in the tenth moon of Pig when your judgments will be a bit more relaxed.

Closer to home, the needs of your family should override most personal desires. This will keep you frugal and on budget. Both the Ox and the Pig enjoy wealth for the sense of regularity it can bring. So, think of good asset management like tending a garden with care and devotion. In fact, building a garden would be an excellent investment. Go back to the essential skillsets of the home and cross-reference with others. As the most socially available member of the zodiac, you can take a lead in exploring old ways of economy. Consider work trade or crop exchanges as a way to save money!