Ox Qi is taking charge this year and, in the case of this metal Ox year, that can be a particularly meaningful experience for you. Metal Ox Qi doesn’t know when to quit. So, somewhere along the line, you’re going to have to learn how and when to say, “No.” It will be very hard for you to back down from any difficulty and very easy to promise more than you can deliver. Your inherent virtue and consistency are both on display this year and you’re leading by example.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Along the way, everyone is going to be climbing on your back for the kind of help you were born to give. So, while your endurance is enhanced, that doesn’t mean you’re required to give everything you have on demand. Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself and others this year is to hold us all to some standards. The message you can provide this year is not complex, but the way you stand by the obvious inspires us all to sit upright. Let that be enough. Be generous but encourage the techniques of self-reliance as well.

There will likely be a big demand for your support and wisdom in the spring and early summer, particularly the fourth moon. The intensity of the metal Ox year holds many challenges and you may be surprised to find how little others are equipped to handle it. Do more guiding and less carrying and you’ll have more to give.


Partnership for an Ox is generally a glacial process—preferring to define itself slowly and steadily over time. You’re not typically much of an overt romantic, as you prefer to let the roles of partnership speak for themselves. Even if you’re not always emotionally expressive, your commitment is sacred to you and vows are a matter of deep honor. So, if you’re an Ox already in a recognized partnership, remain steady. Generally speaking, don’t take your relationship for granted this year!

Oxen are not known for their sensitivity. You could get so caught up in the day-to-day grind of running a household, that you might miss giving your relationship that important TLC. Don’t miss date night. Be sure to mark those important dates on the calendar in bold red. Hopefully, the partner you have already knows that you show love through your day-to-day commitments. Still, it is good to meet or exceed expectations this year.

On the other hand, single Oxen could feel lonely this year. Metal Ox Qi will not support casual dating as an option so, if you’re not looking for commitment, it’s best to stay in the friend zone. If new relationships emerge, begin them very slowly. Practice courtship and introduce families. An Ox that is already dating will feel pressure to move the partnership to the next level. Don’t be coy, momentum matters! And if all the pieces fit, it’s time to really commit.

Family & Friends

As one of the fixed signs of the zodiac, Oxen generally do not define themselves in light of their social grouping. In fact, it’s more the other way around. So, this year, that dynamic clearly invites you to take the lead in your social spheres. On an interpersonal level, you are private and slow to develop friendships. Those ties that have stood the test of time will deepen and intensify this year. Enjoy your reunions and breathe deep with the nostalgia. You may not be what you were then, but this year, looking back finds new meaning for you.

Outside of your solid friendships, you’ll be asked to lend support to others as well. This year, you are a walking big brother or big sister. While it’s great to help out, being overextended can be an issue. If you don’t want to be in a continuous state of exhaustion, holding space for others, I would recommend that you gently encourage others to emulate and find their own backbone. Help them grow up and delegate the need to give advice. You know plenty of strong alternate voices that you could recruit. (Roosters, Snakes, and Pigs come to mind.)

In this Ox year, your message is available to you. Those that have a hard time digesting this wisdom will simply need your generous and non-judgmental shoulders of friendship to rest upon. Take their fixation off you and apply them toward that which you adequately represent. Head back to the barn and find solace in family.


This year, your decisions regarding your work life will be greatly enhanced. However, this doesn’t necessarily give you allowance to make big changes. Rather, you are enabled in making what you already have function a lot better for you. If advancement or promotion in your given field comes forward for you, it will likely be a side effect of your perseverance rather than a reward for personal ambition.

Your dignified and uncompromising ways, while recognized as an asset, could invite several professional challenges as well. You could be taken for granted this year. In all things, it’s best to be clean and thorough. Appeal to precedent in order to justify your decisions. Otherwise, you may be accused of being belligerent and narrow-minded. Even you need to obey hierarchy and play by the rules this year.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or pull as a team, it’s best to be as selective as possible with the assignments you accept. It’s quality over quantity. Thoroughness is a necessity this metal Ox year; the less you have to multi-task, the better. As you bring each task in your profession to completion, your sense of purpose washes over you like a silent grace. This is your greatest satisfaction. No need to rush to the next chore. Generally, productivity will be very slow to start in 2021, so if you try to push through the spring and early summer. You might be too exhausted to enjoy the easy opportunities of the fifth moon. So, remain slow and steady.


This year, your appetite for saving and sound investment is supported and will serve you well. You’re no stranger to luxuries but are rarely ever attached to the superficialities that come with material success. You’re generally well compensated and like to let your hard work speak for itself. So, feel free to carry on. As you accrue resources this year (or have some already saved), and want to make decisions beyond saving, consider long-term investments that are linked to durable goods of some kind. For instance, restoring property is an excellent idea—particularly if it’s your own home or property in your family.

Things that hold value for generations are a very good investment in the metal Ox year. You already know you can’t take it with you. Investing in family, and those core needs that speak to your interconnection with land, is a great way to ensure that your legacy lasts. This is a concern far more valuable to you than gold.

So, during the early spring, you may want to verify that the directions you’re invested in are actually in alignment with your values and core priorities. The overall system for how wealth is generated won’t change much in the metal Ox year, but what you prioritize within it will. Like the metal Rat year, we are continuing to be in a place of reducing excess.