Overall, a Dragon’s life and good fortune are little impacted by which member of the zodiac is currently in charge. At least, that’s the story you like to tell yourself. While the metal Rat year allowed you to remind us all of your relevance, even you are going to have to contend with the limitations set by the metal Ox this year.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

The truth is, the metal Rat year was probably very busy for you. If you managed to secure your reliable routes of influence, the metal Ox year may not deliver that much of a change. In fact, the more you’re willing to reinvest and commit yourself to a given direction, the greater your success and impact will be. No half measures though. In order to enshrine yourself in a legacy, you must be thorough.

And it’s exactly on this point where things could trip up for you. You are vast and keeping your sustained attention on any given topic can be a challenge. Normally, you don’t need to. Most of your endeavors can be done very well with a third of your concentration—but not this year. Ox Qi is thick and you will not be able to take your effectiveness for granted.

Furthermore, with the metal nature of the Ox this year, you’ll have to show your work—not just solve the problem, which is a kind of heavy expectation that you’re usually not comfortable with. This year will hinge on your discipline and commitment to routine.


For those Dragons that are single in the year of the metal Ox, you might be content to stay that way. The commitment-centered nature of the Ox can be at odds with your sense of independence and the pressure of courtship can come across as somewhat needy. It’s not that you’re unfamiliar with the grandness of formal engagements, but you’d generally prefer not to begin a relationship under such weighty pretext. Having to manage expectations in a relationship right away turns you off. This person must be pretty special if you’re needing to meet their parents on the second date.

Then again, you’ve never been much for the superficial. If your appetites are maturing and you’re ready to make space for a committed partnership, the metal Ox year could be a good time to make an arrangement. It’s an “arrangement” simply because, in the metal Ox year, romance is not as much a priority for you as lifestyle compatibility. Similar world views are a must and roles should not be assumed but discussed.

Other Dragons and Snakes can relate to this conversation with you, while Pigs and Rats will be content and trusting enough to have you assume the dominant role. Be forthright and put it all on the table but also be ready to follow through. For those Dragons already in a commitment, bonds deepen through shared trial, but that’s no reason to take each other for granted. Tend to the relationship through everyday considerations and occasional staycations at home.

Family & Friends

Dragons typically don’t gather with others without a clear reason. There is little about the metal Ox year that will soften this approach. Dragons are content to be solitary, so this Ox year may resemble an “all work, no play” vibe for you. In fact, the main source of your social life may be bound up with your capacity to be of support to others in need.

As a Dragon, you’re typically ahead of the curve in many ways. This is true of trends but also more real-world difficulties as well. The Dragon is the only member of the Chinese zodiac that can fly, so you’re uniquely qualified to present the big picture on things. For those who are stuck in patterns of rigid myopia and incapable of taking a broader view, many will need context and will turn to you for help under the intense pressure of the metal Ox. This will be particularly true in the late spring and early summer, and then again in the fall.

Yet, the most difficult part of this process might come in recognizing that those who come to you will only hear what they want to hear. Repeating yourself will feel like a chore. Dedicate yourself to being of benefit to those in your social spheres without being attached to the outcome. Besides, there’s always some satisfaction in saying, “I told you so.” If you get tired of crashing into thick skull after thick skull, feel free to vanish. That trick never goes out of style for you.


The metal Ox year is going to invite us all to prioritize the virtues of hard work. In this atmosphere, your capacity for manifestation will be greatly enhanced. A Dragon’s endurance is unmatched and, in the Ox year, your spine will be strong. That said, you should be advised that the type of work supported this year may feel somewhat narrow to you.

You are always working with a broad vision of possibilities in whatever field you operate in but, in this metal Ox year, innovation is out. Fresh ideas and new developments will carry little momentum as the Ox likes to focus on what has a long-standing momentum. This could feel dull to you. Still, it’s best not to deviate. Check your boredom or impulsive tangents or you might feel the sharp horns of the metal Ox nudging you back on track!

This doesn’t have to pose much of a problem since you love contributing to something larger than yourself. With a proper focus this year, you can access and formulate a sense of your own legacy. Think retrospectively. The arc of your forward progress is found in the past. Go back, revive, and finish old projects or ideas. Only begin what you know you can finish. With metal as a highlighted element this year, you can provide a unique approach by synthesizing multiple ideas or directions under a common theme. Use the third and fourth moon to pull all the threads of your life into meaningful cohesion.


You may have done some stockpiling in the metal Rat year, but the Chinese Dragon is generally not much of a hoarder. You like to have your resources in play. However, this year, to maintain or grow your financial resources, the metal Ox enforces a much more conservative approach. Resources will work best for you this year when you’re not in a rush to spend or make them. Gradually climb the ladder. This is so you can continue to find steady rewards for the valuable work you do this year. However, with your broad lens, your relationship to wealth this year can go beyond securing a solid return on investment. Time and attention are resources more precious to you than money.

This is the year to make your money work for you, rather than working for money. Motivated by your desire to preserve your time and attention is what gives you a leg up in the Ox year. Spending all your energy to uphold a pile of gold is worse than being free and having no gold at all.

So, time to recover your values and find a balance. Use that unique perspective of yours to craft a holistic approach to management. Systemically speaking, in the metal Ox year, it will be very obvious to you where your resources are and how they operate. Take the lead on common sense priorities. Think beyond your own welfare and invest wisely in people.